INTERVIEW: Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox on the man arrested for sharing a meme that ’caused anxiety’

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We recently sat down with Laurence Fox, actor and political leader of the Reclaim Party, to discuss the viral clip of a man who was arrested for sharing a meme that “caused someone anxiety” on the internet.

The clip went viral when 51-year-old ex-war veteran Darren Brady was arrested by three police officers who even used handcuffs when detaining him. His crime was posting a pride flag meme on Facebook and asking what people thought about it, which according to one user “caused anxiety”, as one police officer described in the viral video.

Laurence Fox was on the scene as Brady was arrested, who was later released without charge, capturing it all on camera.

Speaking to Laurence via Skype, he gave the rundown of the events and what he is doing to push back against the problems Britain has been facing with freedom of speech.

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