INTERVIEW: Yukoner Jonas Smith running indie after CPC kicked candidate for COVID passport views

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Jonas J. Smith, who was kicked out from the Conservative Party for expressing his concerns about mandatory vaccinations, is now running as an independent.

Smith says that the initial process of the party for candidacy termination “was not followed properly.”

Smith explained how after losing two elections, the Conservative Party is trying to appeal to a larger audience. But he feels that many Conservatives feel get the impression that party is leaving behind some of its principles.

Now, Smith is hoping to bring disenfranchised voters from all parties together.

As someone who opposes mandatory vaccinations, Smith is running against the Liberal Party’s candidate Dr. Brendan Hanley, who also happens to be Yukon’s chief medical officer of health.

Because of who he is running against, and Justin Trudeau’s position on vaccines, mandatory vaccinations have become a key campaign issue in the territory.

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