Is Anyone That Takes a BS 19 Jab, a Moron Like Dan Andrews?

Is Anyone That Takes a BS 19 Jab, a Moron Like Dan Andrews?

By Jamie McIntyre

Should you do it , thinking life will go back to normal ?

$1 million challenge you won’t be going back to normal if you take the jab. You’ll be going 6 ft under, or worse you’ll be so sick in coming months, or years you wish you were dead.

How many millions must be injured and die from this deadly experimental drug, before this mass genocide ends ?

The vaccinated have high viral loads injected into them and become super spreaders – fact or fiction – fact

If the vaccines work , which they don’t, as they are rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vaccine.
Then why would the unvaccinated pose a health risk – don’t give me the herd immunity bs – the only immunity these dodgy Pfizer and co , products provide, is to their makers, so when they kill or injure your loved ones, their immune from you sueing them.

Making billions whilst killing millions.

Considering, according to our own Government Ministers and a certain Prime Minister , Covid is a “ bad flu and we just need to get back to living “

Vaccines are not a pathway back to normal, but continued outbreaks that will be caused by the vaccinated ,( as per the most vaccinated countries overseas such as Israel ) so they’ll lock you down to March 2025, including the vaccinated.

And by then ,many of our family and friends that took the death shot, will not be with us anymore ,sadly as they choose to listen to total strangers on the idiot box, and idiot Health Ministers, all who have undisclosed conflicts of interest, verse family and friends who are trying to warn them to listen to the independent Doctors and Scientists speaking out.

There will be an unvaccinated economy too, dickhead Dan.

And any business’s thinking they can ban the unvaccinated ,are going to suffer larger fines and class actions then fake dodgy fines the Governments can’t enforce as they aren’t legal or legitimate. is already building lists of businesses being reported.

Let these morons try and divide society to conquer us.

Simply unite, and the vaccinated and unvaccinated ban any business that tries to ban the unvaccinated.
Or suffer a Globalists Medical tyranny with lose or human freedoms to the day you are deleted of the planet.

Don’t let them make more billions by killing millions.
Jamie McIntyre
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