Judge Reinhart, Fishing & Planting, and ‘Desperate Times Deliver Desperate Measures’ 

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Intro by Dee McLachlan

I have received a number of calls and emails from G5 over the last week. So today, I have collated a number of these across several topics. A call this morning pointed to the attack on Alex Jones and the Sandy Hook affair being a plan to disable the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

by G5

Mar-a-Lago and Raids (email 9 August 2022)

Over a hundred FBI psychopaths, together with seconded DOJ, Pentagon, CIA, and assorted, are still at Mar-a-Lago.

Actually designated as The White House. But another matter.

As Comey had obtained false FISA warrants and renewals from  2015 through John Roberts’ puppet Rosemary Collyer. Now Contreras is chief judge of The FISA sh*tshop; but Roberts has been quietly moved out by Clarence Thomas; this current false search warrant was obtained by Wray with the connivance of stooge Garland. through a fool on the Florida Federal Court.

They have pulled the place apart. Including detonating a strongroom, and whatever they thought cute. There are about twenty thousand people outside the place, and tens of thousands driving down.

Trump is not there. He received a call. Sometimes he listens.

The next stage is to manufacture a charge and issue an arrest warrant.

Look at the activities since 2015. Now the desperation is showing before 8 November 2022. Exactly three months before Dem-Day Extinction. And approaching (20 August 2021) the first anniversary of The Afghan Routing and Vanquish.

Deep Corruption. Look at the slime Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse: Barr, Roberts, Pence, McConnell.

Email 10 August 2022:

This was reported by the Western Journal:

“The Herald wrote on Monday that a “source said FBI agents obtained a search warrant from a federal magistrate judge in West Palm Beach.” And Politico reported that the West Palm Beach U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida has three magistrate judges: Judge Bruce Reinhart, Judge William Matthewman and Judge Ryon McCabe. Politico continued to explain that two sealed warrants were reportedly signed on Monday, and both were assigned to Reinhart, as shown in the court’s online portal.”

The attached [above] story is a brief history of yet one more; now exposed; FBI toady. Much as Rosemary Collyer was on The FISA Bench and followed by Rudolph Contreras. The latter causing problems of distortion in the fake Mueller prosecutions following that particular Russia hoax.

Judge Bruce Reinhart

Reinhardt is involved in The Epstein Affair and previously perjured himself in an investigation into the matter. He resigned in 2007, appearing in the sham prosecutions then as defence in The Epstein Affair. Then materialised as a federal magistrate in Florida, signing off on the search warrant last Monday.

The warrant was not even the signed original but further altered before being used the following day.

The search; not with any required indication of any crime: was to fish and plant, for alleged documents that should have been in the national archives.

Suddenly something will materialise. An arrest warrant is on its way. Trump saving the civil war due after November 2020, will have difficulty holding this back. Only the closeness of 8 November 2022, is relevant.

Remember the affairs of; Barrack Obama (Barry Soetoro), Eric Holder (Lou Alcindor), Bill Clinton (Bill Blythe), HRC (Hillary Blythe), Loretta Lynch (Elizabeth Carlyle), Koskinen, Lerner, Paz, Comey, Strzok, Page, The Orhs, Rhee, Weissman, Barr, Felt, Tolson, Sessions, Wray, Mueller, Mccabe, Hoover, Garland, et al. A seamless and breathless line of linked corruption without respite.

Trump for the first time, now admitting that The US is virtually an unrecoverable failed Third World Nation. It is built on a solid foundation of Censorship, Propaganda, False Flags, Hoaxes, Ruses, and tightly compacted solid bullshit.

Immigration – Displacement – Relocation?

(Hiring buses for Washington) Video

What actually happens to the millions who flowed in from The Rio? Do they disappear? Do they work hard and cost nothing? If they commit even major crimes, they are released, to continue the raging and ignored Black-Hispanic Civil War.

Central and South America have emptied their gaols for one. Why not?

New Zealand’s Muldoon did it to Australia at a previous time.

The US is now the world standard: that bullshit doesn’t work. Even more cringe when its attempted delivery is from the ignorant.

Another Snippet

Trump lives in Sh*tsville. Also known as The USA. Desperate times deliver desperate measures.

What you weren’t told: the 1876 US Corporation was destroyed by Trump. Who also destroyed the main sites and logistics of The US Black Economy of Drugs and Arms. He signed the military execution orders for GHWB and McCain III (Kelly and Mattis Tribunals for High Treason). He broke the privately owned (even admitted by Greenspan among other signals) Federal Reserve System, and it being allied to The US Treasury and IRS. He stepped aside to prevent the civil war following the frauded 2022. As many other departments and agencies were also broken of their controls, including The CIA, The Pentagon, and The NSC.

He exposed a hint of the criminality of The FBI and the remainder of what postures as The US Intel Community. Enough for them to fight amongst themselves. All 17 US Intel Agencies (i.e. Brennan, closely arse followed by Clapper and Hayden. The latter delivered a Methyl Iodide Stroke courtesy of The Intel Wars, after murdering two of Melania’s detail, when he tried to kill her.), spruiking the incessant lie that Trump was owned by Russia.

The same dismembered consortium of 50 ‘odd’ individuals who spruiked that Hunter’s laptop was loaded with Russian Disinformation.

MAGA cannot be a reality. You cannot reinstate that which never was.

The analogy is attempting to polish a turd as you try to hold it from the clean end.

Third World is Third World. It’s a one-way journey. This one could not have been more determined. It cannot be altered by censorship, propaganda and institutionalized corruption, and psychopathy. The very elements that define its Socio-Economic self-caused destruction.


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