Kari Lake Pulls Ahead in Arizona, Trump-endorsed Candidates Run the Board

The Trump-endorsed candidates in Arizona are running the board; however, the corrupt, conniving and scheming UniParty constructs that have thoroughly infected the state election process still remain.

As it currently stands, Trump-endorsed Blake Masters appears to have easily won the GOP primary in the Senate race and will now face Mark Kelly.  The comprehensively corrupt Rusty Bowers, the Arizona state House speaker who was insistent upon retaining corruption as a political business model – and a favorite of the J6 committee in DC, has thankfully lost his bid for a state senate seat to Trump-endorsed David Farnsworth.

Additionally, Trump-endorsed Kari Lake (pictured above last night) has taken a sizable lead in Governor’s primary race over decepticon Mike Pence-endorsed Karrin Taylor Robson.

Meanwhile, Arizona voters have overwhelmingly selected Trump-endorsed Mark Finchem as their candidate for the secretary of state’s office.  Perhaps Finchem, if he succeeds in the general election, can finally fix the insufferable mess of Arizona elections.

Kari Lake’s victory, if certified, is a profound set-back for the two UniParty wings of the political club.

No doubt RNC Club Chairwoman Heavy McD (Ronna McDaniel) ate a few extra slices of red velvet cake for breakfast before throwing the coffee pot at the trembling concierge hiding behind the spa door.  For the Arizona contest, Ms Kari Lake raised about $3.8 million in mostly small dollar donations, while Ms. Taylor Robson -a billionaire club member- raised more than $18 million. The one thing Arizona voters and Heavy D would agree upon, is that Arizona rebels are revolting.

In the State of Florida, it was always Broward County that led to more than twenty years of constant eyerolls whenever an election cycle came around.  The issues with Broward County voting in the sunshine state were well documented, transparently corrupt and brutally obvious for decades.

Then newly elected Governor Ron DeSantis finally intervened, appointed state oversight, removed the corrupt Brenda Snipes (with her entire staff) as supervisor of elections, and ‘presto’ – just like that all of the Broward County issues mysteriously resolved.  In 2020 the full state reported election results by 10pm on election night.  Funny that.

The state of Arizona, specifically Maricopa and Pima counties, who seem to need days -if not weeks- to tally their votes, perhaps needing the assistance of DNC trained carrier pigeons handled by GOPe caretakers, has become the new Broward County.

Despite the intransigence of the GOP club, the insurgent MAGA victories continue….

John James (MI-10)

Tudor Dixon (MI Gov)

John Gibbs (MI-3 defeated impeachment R)

Blake Masters (AZ Senate)

Kari Lake (AZ-Gov)

Mark Finchem (AZ Sec State)

David Farnsworth (AZ- State Sen beats J6 Rusty Bowyers)

Eric Schmidt (MO Sen)


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