Kids only “being taught to comply”: Protesters oppose Calgary school mask mandate

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Concerned parents, educators and Charter rights advocates gathered at the Calgary Board of Education building for a Boycott School Rally organized by Lawyers 4 Truth, in opposition to a decision by the school board to implement mandatory masking for all students.

Many in attendance were concerned mothers who had never been to a protest like this before in their lives. Having witnessed the negative impact of masking on the physical and mental wellbeing of their children last school year, many committed themselves to never put their kids through this again.

A number of people spoke at the Calgary Board of Education location, including Katherine Kowalchuk of Lawyers 4 Truth, who criticized the lack of scientific evidence being presented to justify mandatory masking. The large crowd then marched to the Calgary Catholic School District’s administration building before dispersing.

In a rather comedic show of melodrama, numerous attendees confirmed that the Calgary Board of Education administration building staff received an emergency email late at night prior to the protest, which allegedly stated that it would be unsafe to work in the office due to unhinged conspiracy theorists. A coffee shop located in the building also shuttered its doors after ejecting a protester who was simply attempting to buy a coffee. The divisive rhetoric of mask and vaccine advocates, including Justin Trudeau and the mainstream media, is generating unwarranted fear and hatred.

As is almost always the case with these types of protests, there were no crimes committed, no tickets issued and no violence carried out. In fact, the only vulgarity I witnessed all day came from masked or presumably vaccinated passersby who were screaming and swearing at those in attendance, including mothers and their children.

A few mainstream media outlets did attend this event, but only briefly. We were there for the entire event because we want to bring you all the details of the story, not just the bits that suit a convenient narrative. If you want to support our real journalism, go to

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