LinkedIn: Virtual Routes to Live Events

The wealth of information
is updating every day in the best professional Platform in LinkedIn. Microsoft
owned LinkedIn is used by more than 500 million professionals every day, it’s a
great platform to come together with talented professional and employers to
navigate the route to get the job quickly and work smartly and improve the
business with Digital marketing. 

LinkedIn is trying to
use its Platform in a different dimension by introducing live events to create
a new virtual event solution in the Online Platform. Linked has many users, and
there, are many groups as well, every day, millions of post gather to give a
virtual database of information to many businesses as well as marketers. 

Change in the World:

The current scenario
of the world is so drastic, the world is moving in a bad phase due to the
pandemic covid-19, and this did many businesses to go online and conduct
virtual events. LinkedIn company pages are updated to create virtual events in
response to the current condition of social distancing to enhance and boost
business conferences rapidly. 

Virtual events are
going on by combining two features like LinkedIn events and LinkedIn live.
These two features will allow marketers to stream live video content directly
and to attend live LinkedIn events.

As Per Statistics:

Social media video
live event revolution is going on in the current world, and LinkedIn is taking
steps to start its own. According to LinkedIn data live videos are
significantly engaging audience more than the routine videos. Live videos are
getting more comments like 23 times more than the average videos and six times
more reaction than the regular videos. It’s high time to generate real-time
engagement between followers and LinkedIn pages.

Advantages of Live
Host in LinkedIn

LinkedIn announced the
benefits of its live hosting in an event as follows.

  • Trusted Platform ensures safety:

Using LinkedIn as the
live Platform, a business page can interact with its followers easily (Event
attendees), so the meeting is comfortable while using LinkedIn

  • Target Professional Audience:

Customize live
business event only to the audience whichever company prefers, and it can send
invitations directly to the first-degree profile connections.

  • Notify Your Audience Before The Event:

The intimation is the
fun in the LinkedIn event, or live broadcast, updating your audience notifying
about the event will be engaging.

  • Watch Live Or Watch Later:

LinkedIn live events
have the option to save in the live tab, people who missed the video they can
see it later too.

A Guide to Host Live

First, to start a live
video, the LinkedIn page must and should have to apply for access to LinkedIn
live. And get approved for that, to get that access that page must and should
have at least 1000 followers. Otherwise, there will not be any approval for
live video hosting. LinkedIn measures all the things for support based on the
engagement of that page towards its followers and daily post, based on all
these things only it will approve access to conduct a live video hosting. For
those business pages that got approval, they have to do the following items for
running a live stream.

  • Creating a LinkedIn event
  • During the creation process, they should need to give permissions like it is online-only
  • On the day of event hosting day, open the third party broadcasting tool and select the event for stream destination instead of your organization page.


The world is
transforming in a new way, every day there is a unique opportunity and
businesses are driving to pick the same line differently, and now the pandemic
is throwing us challenges and technology is striving to tackle those
challenges. In this challenging time of the pandemic, it is difficult for
businesses to conduct meeting and events. LinkedIn is creating a way to enlarge
the social presence with hosting events online and presenting the thoughts with
a group of professionals and run activities smoothly.


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