Local School Folds to BLM, Costs Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars


The Duval County School Board folded up like one of those origami cranes and forked over $300,000 to a teacher who sued them over free speech rights. Only Black Lives Matter™ activists are allowed to say what’s on their mind these days. Deplorable conservatives are censored and marginalized right out of the picture.

School gets a lesson

Amy Donofrio is going to have a busy week at the bank. She gets one check for $240,000 as a settlement payment and another $60,000 to cover attorney fees. The Duval County School Board made the mistake of doing something which the judge called “retaliation” and violation of “her right to free speech.”

They did the unthinkable and made her remove a Black Lives Matter™ flag from her classroom door.

Earlier in the month, the school board voted in favor of settling the case out of court. That turned out to cost a whole lot more than they had in the budget. The Southern Poverty Law Center has some feisty lawyers.

They didn’t know the ultimate price when the administrators voted to just get the darn thing over with and make it go away. “Given the facts of the case, even though we know we haven’t done anything wrong, these are taxpayer dollars and I just can’t support paying those kinds of dollars over a three to five year period on a case we could settle tonight,” orated board member Warren Jones.

The night they voted, their own attorney advised them that “it could cost the district up to $2 million if the case went to trial, which wouldn’t have happened until 2023.” Donofrio is one of those uppity Antifa® activists bent on spin washing the brains of her students. She “co-founded the nationally recognized EVAC Movement in 2016.”

That’s cave spelled backwards and refers to Plato’s allegory of “prisoners chained in a cave since birth” until a liberator comes along and rescues them. She got “reassigned to non-teaching duties one day after Lee High School administrators removed a Black Lives Matter flag from her classroom doorway when she refused to remove it on their instructions.”

Exempt from the rules

The rest of the faculty had to follow district rules which “bans teachers from advocating for social causes.” Not her. Black Lives Matter is above the law. Antifa is all about anarchy which means no laws at all.

Even though she’s getting a big chunk of cash, “Donofrio did not receive a re-appointment to her previously assigned school.”

She’s heartbroken over that but isn’t going to get more money for pain and suffering now. “Teaching is not just my career, it’s my life, my heart.”

“Being unable to return to my classroom this fall devastates me beyond what I can fully articulate.” She’ll be doing lots of “retail therapy” in the coming months, browsing from store to store on money that used to belong to the school.

She may not be allowed back in the classroom but as part of the compromise, the board will not conclude the disciplinary investigation, which was incomplete at the time Donofrio’s employment with the school board expired without renewal.”

As long as she takes the money and quietly fades away, everyone will be happy. Meanwhile the district will make certain never to question anything a liberal teacher says or does. It only hurts the students.


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