London-based Software company Hivereck Announces Arbitrage and Trading Bot


Cryptocurrency trading is becoming increasingly automated in recent years as traders, both arbitrageurs and regular ones, look to take advantage of the massive progress in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. Trading bots are everywhere and help even seasoned traders make passive income and avoid losses during volatile times. For this purpose, various AI-based solutions are being offered for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders.


Hivereck’s automated trading bot is the latest addition in the crypto trading sector. The London-based company has announced the new-look platform for all levels of traders to help boost profits and automate the transaction-based approach. 


New Arbitrage Approach

Cryptocurrency exchanges around the world do not have the same Bitcoin price index. The difference between even leading exchanges can be as much as 5% at any reporting time. This gives traders an opportunity to profit within the margins which is known as arbitrage trading. 


Now, manual arbitrage is difficult and requires a lot of scraping of the internet. With the automated arbitrage trading bot offered by Hivereck, traders can now buy low and sell high on exchanges with the potential to make decent returns on a day-to-day basis without doing much. 


Arbitrage is often complicated due to the difference in trading fees and other expenditures that differ from exchange to exchange. Hivereck’s bot presents a detailed knowledge of exchange and fees structures to help negotiate profitable trades. The bot automatically identifies the price differentials existing between different exchanges that traders can exploit and thus benefit from. 


To start arbitrage trading, users only need to register an account on the trading platform and deposit cryptocurrencies or fiat in their account to get started. Once the account is verified, users can proceed with trading and can also withdraw funds once every 24 hours. 


An Extensive Arbitrage Tool

Hivereck’s trading bot works with a wide range of fiat and cryptocurrencies including BTC, LTC, ETH, QTM, and USD with over 75 global exchanges supported on the system and over 1,500 markets. This wide range of choice allows traders to exploit the price difference between different cryptocurrencies among exchanges to the fullest. On a good day, profits between 2% and 7% can be expected using the Hivereck trading bot.


The bot allows traders to transact between multiple trading pairs at the same time. Overall, more than 70 altcoins and popular trading pairs are available on the platform including ones with BTC and ETH.


About Hivereck

Hivereck is an arbitrage trading bot that trades several pairs between numerous exchanges with company funds plus the funds deposited and locked by users around the globe. 


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