Look What They Are Saying About Our Fallen Heroes

Look What They Are Saying About Our Fallen Heroes

A leftist propaganda rag masquerading as a news outlet had the audacity to slander our military just after thirteen soldiers died in Afghanistan.

On the morning of August 26th, the same morning of the bombing in Afghanistan, Vice News published an article attacking our soldiers and veterans — especially the Marines — entitled “Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?”

“While many vets are being outed as far-right extremists, one branch keeps popping up when it comes to neo-Nazis: the United States Marine Corps,” the tweet about the article read.

VICE tweet

Earlier that day, suicide attacks outside of Kabul airport killed 13 U.S. soldiers, ten of whom were Marines.

The official Twitter account for @VICE deleted the tweet, but its counterpart Twitter account, @VICENews, did not.

The author of the piece also shared it on his Twitter account with another shameful comment about our military.

While the US military writ-large has a far-right extremism problem, mounting evidence suggests the Marine Corps has a serious neo-Nazi problem (and it isn’t new). My latest for @VICENews looking at the USMC and its links to domestic terror,” Ben Makuch wrote.


Many people responded immediately on Twitter, calling out the fake news outlet for their disgraceful conduct.

“Meanwhile at VICE this is the crap they are posting. This is how liberals think. We lost 11 Marines today you f***** a**holes,” wrote Texas GOP Congressman Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL.

Political commentator Mike Cernovich responded, writing: “Scum of the earth – you.”

“SMDH, this is disgraceful- even for a garbage outfit like Vice,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user had a sarcastic response to the outlet’s recent losses, writing: “I cannot imagine why your readership is down 75% and you keep laying people off…it is a mystery.”

“You’re out of your minds. Today of all days to accuse .0003% of marine corps in this as if that’s the pressing issue,” wrote another Twitter user.


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