Magicians of the Moon

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New series “Magicians of the Moon” exploring the wizards involved with the supposed manned moon missions. (N)ever (A) (S)traight (A)nswer For anyone keen to explore this topic I’d recommend checking out the work of Bart Sibrel – “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, “Apollo Zero” and “Astronauts Gone Wild” in particular Like & Subscribe and make sure to check out the alt-platforms below. #ClownWorld#Wizards

Magicians of the Moon PART 1 |

Magicians of the Moon PART 2 |

I was really just testing out this embed code from Flote BETA for a post done by “J Wilderness”, and it ended up working so well(not exactly rocket science) that I just went ahead and made my own post on it. At the very least you got introduced to a new social media platform in Flote. There are A LOT of new ones out there. Everyone talks about GAB, but I wasn’t too impressed. Discord is OK for certain things, but if you’re not going to be a crazy person like me and have dozens of accounts over dozens of different platforms and you just want to pick one good one as an alternative to Twitter, I’d go with Telegram. I’ve been using that way more than Twitter or any other platform since I signed up. All I need are my RSS Feed aggregators and my Telegram news feed and I have all the news I need. I am of course subscribed to many Reddit, BitChute, Brighteon and many other channels from a variety of platforms using their RSS Feed instead of going to the respective app or website. It’s a must to save time and streamline the act of sifting through the stories that I think you guys would like as much as I do, but most importantly I want to be able to rapidly hunt down stories that will provide potentially useful information for the both of us so we can make the best decisions possible moving forward.


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