Marketers Create Videos for Next-Gen with AI Technology

The entrance of multiple
readily available tools is making the marketers’ job very complicated. For
those who create videos to reach customers, artificial intelligence tools hold
the promise to interpret the wave of data efficiently. This data helps
marketers to promptly make informed content decisions as well as save money and

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence or AI is contributing to the
evolution of video content at an accelerated pace. Video is arguably the go-to
platform that most businesses currently use for content marketing, and its
growth is sure to continue to skyrocket.

For beginners, creating quality video content demands a
significant investment in talent, time, and costs of video creation, and that
costs can easily surpass other content development platforms and processes.
Fortunately, AI and machine learning advancements enable marketers to create
videos in streamlined and accelerated workflows and create more targeted
content in a shorter time and with fewer resources.

Here are some of the ways for marketers to create videos
flawlessly and drive success.

Eliminating wasted time with
intelligent search

It’ll be difficult for marketers to create videos with hugely
gathered footage. With gigabytes of footage, wading through and watching video
files to find the perfect shot can take hours, sometimes even days or weeks.
Several content creators devote hours to manually tag videos, which can be
spent on content development to reduce this inconvenience.

AI can automatically tag attributes for each video section from
faces, colors, actions, products, locations, or corporate logos. AI can also
present a searchable taxonomy for determining the right video file and the
straight cut of the video in a fraction of time. This AI capability helps
marketers considerably to create videos efficiently and effectively.

Predicting Greater Video Memorability

Suppose you’re planning for your marketers to create videos for
your marketing campaigns. In that case, most probably, you’re looking at
insights from older videos to try and predict future performance or, perhaps,
you go with your gut feeling to come up with a content strategy that will get
you the full views.

However, both these approaches can be pretty frustrating and
time-consuming while producing unpredictable outcomes. Hence, marketers to
create videos and track the data by using a deep neural network to
automatically produce metadata, such as tags and categories for video ads. To
do this, Artificial Intelligence “reads” the ad’s video, audio, or
other available information and recognizes the demographic sections and
subjects suitable to a given platform. This makes it simple to line up the
correct video ad with the right ad platform.

Similarly, the AI-driven tools help to view an entire video
catalog by recognizing the best footage to save videographers and editor’s time
because they may face the trouble of browsing through countless file folders of
footage and create videos that are most engaging to the audiences.

Improves Personalization

There are various reasons why personalized marketing is
essential nowadays. Not only does it boost user engagement, but it also
provides tailored messages that consumers love. Though personalized video
marketing is still to catch on, it will undoubtedly find its place as more
brands see that tailored video content results in increased engagement.

Marketers to create videos rely heavily on their search history
and social interests. This AI analytics builds on this information to create
videos and content that resonates with the audience.

Increases Conversion

With the viewer’s dedicating nearly one-third of their time on
the Internet by watching videos, many can view video ads are annoying if they
don’t show their interests. One way not to upset ‘consumers’ online viewing experience
would be to show ads only to those searching for a specific product or service.
And research proves that customers are more inclined towards purchasing a
product after watching a video instead of just reading about it.

The purpose of that marketer to create videos is to encourage
nearly 64% of the audience to purchase. And it’s not difficult to answer why
video brings products to life in a way that written words cannot. Applying AI,
you’ll be safe knowing that every customized video is shown to its target
audience, which will ensure more conversions.

Key Takeaways

For all these reasons, to create videos with AI will remain an
indispensable tool in the future. Therefore, we’re confident about one thing-
if your business is still not investing in video marketing, and you’re making a
grave mistake. For marketers to create videos, more innovations will emerge,
poised to drive marketers to create videos even further.


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