Meanwhile In Portland: Antifa & Proud Boys Get Into A Crazy Brawl! | Man Shoots Into Crowd of ANTIFA Members | +Some More Thug Life Shit From Portland & Around the U.S.

I just threw together some random clips of chaos, carnage & violence from across the United States of America. Most of these chaotic scenes are usually involving some kind of State financed & actor-agent operated organization like “The Proud Boys” or “ANTIFA”. They want us to think the world is a place that it’s not by instigating chaos and unrest and therfore preoccupied with bullshit.

Meanwhile In Portland: Antifa & Proud Boys Get Into A Crazy Brawl! (VIDEO)

Man’s Friend is Hit By a Car So He Follows Them & Shoot-out Endues (VIDEO)

Original Video Link | Download # 1 (provided by /u/savevideo)

If you are going to follow someone to their crib in the hood and start-up some road rage shit on their turf, you best be strapped first-off, but more importantly, you better be built for that grimy, shoot-it-out-like-a-savage shit and be willing to have that “everybodys’ dying”, fuck-it, thug life mentality in order to persevere in an urban gun battle like that. Knowing the whole time that you’re prolly gonna die so to make sure you’re not gonna go out like a punk bitch without squeezing off some rounds and doing some damage. I would have never followed anyone into that neighborhood. That’s suicide.

There are a lot more clips like these out there than you may realize. Reddit & WorldStar alone could keep you busy for months with all the clips they have. I just got tired of posting about the fucking Scamdemic. That being said, people need to get control over their road rage. I stopped acting like that on the road when I was 17. Grow the fuck up.

Just threw in this video for no reason really. If you haven’t been able to tell by now, this blog is just a way for me to archive stuff I like. If you like it too, that’s great, if you don’t, that’s fine too, but don’t waste your time trying to give me advice or criticism on what I should do differently because I don’t care what you have to say.

WorldStar on Reddit:

King Von fighting quando rondo before getting shot (VIDEO)

And some funny shit too. This is sooo true in the hood. If I’m with my hood people driving around and see a girl I like, and say something about it, they will literally get mad at me and FORCE me to go up to her and try macking it to her. It’s inexcusable if I don’t. LOL. I’m not kidding. Dudes can get a bit aggressive sometimes. But when I get denied, I don’t cry like a bitch and insult them. Even if they insulted me first, you just don’t do what this guy did. You’re the one who went up to the girl and disturbed them in the first place, so they get a free pass for potentially getting annoyed at your for bothering them.


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