Niko Technologies launches turn-key solutions for the blockchain payment industry


Niko Technologies, a white-label blockchain solution provider, today announced the launch of their unique turn-key solutions. The solutions allow anyone interested in crypto business to get it up and running within a few weeks and provide unmatched service offerings to customers all around the world.

About Niko Technologies

Niko Technologies is a white-label payment and exchange solutions provider based in Tallinn, Estonia.

The company offers unique white-label solutions giving anyone the ability to enter the blockchain payment industry in the short term and provide outstanding services. With already established banking, exchange liquidity, legal, and technological frameworks, NT has got everything to deliver an efficient, ready-to-run business.

White-label solutions

NT’s clients get fully-customizable products branded to their businesses.

White-Label Crypto Exchange


White-label Crypto Exchange allows anyone to start his or her own crypto exchange business for secure Bitcoin and popular altcoins trading. The market-first solution makes it easy to buy and sell coins for 35+ regular currencies in 53 countries covered by SEPA, SWIFT, ACH/Fedwire. Unlike High-frequency trading (HFT) platforms, WL Exchange stands for providing an easy-to-run exchange business with no prior coin trading experience. The solution includes two NT’s stand-alone exchangers designed for both desktop and mobile users.


White-Label Crypto Gateway

WL Gateway offers the possibility to become a real cryptoprocessor and provide businesses with the opportunity to accept crypto payments online or at a PoS with no volatility, fraud, and chargebacks.

The solution enables merchants to receive settlements directly to their bank accounts in 24 hours after the purchase. To accept crypto payments and get settlements, hardly any knowledge of cryptocurrencies or blockchain is required: an automated system makes all processes extremely easy.

For a comprehensive payment experience, WL Gateway comes with an agile back office to streamline all business-related processes and optimize service delivery.

Using one master account, merchants can set up and track multiple websites and PoSs as well as send and receive email invoices to accept payments without an existing website. This simplifies management tasks and allows for better control over the business.

White-Label Crypto Wallet


White-label Wallet is a customizable solution that enables any transactional business to offer global multi-currency payments. It allows consumers to store, buy, sell, convert, and spend trusted cryptocurrencies and regular funds with no risk and hassle. With White-label Wallet users can make instant exchanges using the following currency pairs: fiat-to-fiat, crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, and fiat-to-crypto. The wallet runs both as a web client and a mobile app (iOS/Android).

Advantages of setting up a business with NT


With a ready-made infrastructure, Niko Technologies got everything to set up an effective crypto business for any client. Therefore, one can focus on marketing strategy and customer acquisition, skipping the burdens of building and maintaining necessary frameworks.

All company’s solutions comply with GDPR requirements and are protected under the following licenses issued in the EU:

Financial Institution Operating License Virtual Currency Wallet Service License Virtual Currency Exchange Service License

To see how Niko Technologies turn-key solutions can be used to set up your own business or be integrated into an existing one, reach out to the team at or visit their page for more information.


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