Only Purebloods Will Survive the Vaxxine/Radiation Holocaust Being Unleashed Against Humanity

Only Purebloods Will Survive the Vaxxine/Radiation Holocaust Being Unleashed Against Humanity

By Health Ranger Report

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Jaguar Media
Hello there! My moderators and I have been following Natural News for the past two weeks or so. I would like to say thank you for what you do!
I have had scary dreams where I get taken to a local church near my home. I then get crucified to a cross upside down by people with 666 digital digits literally in their foreheard. Like an alarm clock. These people hated Christianity and spiritual people alike. Yelling “kill off the superstitious heathens”, etc.

Michael O
Deer island virus experiments 1914 to 1919 showed that disease is not contagious meaning viruses ,,,smallpox is nothing to worry about,,,in the early 1900s 18000 were vaccinated 11000 died of smallpox…. basically means the diseases are The vaccines….

Kirstin Chase
I have had a few dreams and I have heard a few auditory/thought voices answers when very distraught and asking.

Saving America
I have researched this a lot listening to Dr. Tenpenny Mikovitch, Mercola, etc. I have heard DNA can be repaired. Also I just read an article about bringing back T-Cells. My daughter got 2 jabs, but was taking NAC and Quercitin, zinc etc. before the jabs. She has exhibited no symptoms and neither has her husband. She realizes that she mistakenly trusted the hospitals and government and that they were lying to her when they said she would be free to travel, and no mask would need to be worn. She oozed fluid from the vaxx site for at least a week. Her body has a weird way of protecting itself. For example, she had a breast implant which was in place for 20 or so years. She finally decided to have it taken out. She just got tired of it and the doctor found it was leaking. When it was removed, they found her body had put a protective membrane completely enveloping it. I just wonder just how permanent the damage is to people ignorantly harm their bodies? A lot of what we read and hear is still speculation. This experiment is still unfolding. But 5G plus the graphene oxide is scary. I saw a video where a drone was taking a closer look at a 5G cell tower, and it was fried by it. Also birds are fried by them.

Sky was totally whited out today, either they are hiding something above, or spraying smallpox, etc?

Mike, Alex Jones said that the Government is now spraying the crops with the nano bots. So how do we clean off or do we only eat something we can cook or heat to a certain temperature? Advice??

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