ONPASSIVE will Move Mountains of Sadness Despair Heartache into Happiness Everywhere

Dan Dupey

A winner, A winner!
Great German explosion!

Excitement, and
entertaining, The Thursday information and instruction simply keeps solidifying
what this AI (ONPASSIVE) is all about for all of us everywhere.

As we have seen,
this is not something simply for one area, one group of people or one economic class. 
ASH has sent this, and meant it to even the playing field, making it equitable
for everyone.  It is a feeling of relief and appreciation when you realize
what has been happening here. This AI system is surely going to explode the
emotions of all Founders to the point that they will be reminding themselves
that they had NO reason ever to be concerned about really being in it to win

This emotion, these
smiles, this JOY, these reactions will explode globally, really changing the
world. I am thinking that so much happiness and love for each other now will
translate into caring and sharing with others making our world a much more
enjoyable place to live. The compassion we will have (as founders) in ONPASSIVE
will move mountains of sadness, despair, heartache into happiness everywhere.
It is something that catches on when you do something for your brother or
sister in need regardless of who they are. Love will truly be exposed once

Dan Dupey


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