Ontario government funding 34 different organizations through Anti-Racism Anti-Hate Grant Program

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The Ontario government’s Anti-Racism Anti-Hate Grant Program is a taxpayer-funded initiative that is presently subsidizing 34 different organizations in the province.

Initially, 453 applicants applied for the pot of $1.6 million in funding, although 319 groups completed the formal process.

The grant program, with the purpose of “deepening understanding” is designed to “strengthen the voices of those impacted by racism and hate incidents to help increase understanding of systemic disparities and challenges faced by these communities.”

Though the recipients of the Ontario anti-hate funding were not revealed in the access to information package obtained by Rebel News, the documents indicate the 281 organizations denied funding would be automatically reconsidered for the next round of grant disbursements. The second round of funding closed in February 2022.

Projects qualifying for grants must:

  • provide qualitative and quantitative data collection efforts or research around incidents of racism and hate, with culturally safe reporting
  • counter narratives through storytelling
  • raise awareness and address gaps in data reporting

Qualified expenses for grant reimbursement include cell phones, internet bills and other office expenses.

Rebel News is filing for the names of the recipients of the anti-hate funding. To donate to offset research and filing costs, please visit www.RebelInvestigates.com.

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