Ontario teachers taught characteristics of white supremacy

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Staff at the Durham District School Board (DDSB) were tasked with learning about “The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture,” according to a tweet by trustee candidate Chanel Pfahl.

Although Phalf is running for trustee in the Ottawa Catholic District School Board, she made others privy to this lesson plan on Twitter.

“White Supremacy Culture” stems from the ideations of activist Tema Okun in 1999, who discusses said characteristics on her website.

Characteristics include things like perfectionism, individualism, objectivity, and the right to comfort.

DDSB appears to heavily promote far-left ideologies like SOGI123, as evidenced by their latest tweet where they invite students to register for “’AFFIRM’ – an eight-week group for 2SLGBTQIA+ or questioning students.”

Pfahl, who is “not a fan of divisive identity politics,” was the target of cancellation when she denounced the partisan teachings of critical race theory in the classroom. She is facing an investigation by the Ontario College of Teachers as a result.

According to the ideologue of a far-left activist Okun, Pfahl’s objectivity could be interpreted as a characteristic of white supremacy.

We have put Pfahl in touch with top-notch lawyers through The Democracy Fund, who are representing her at no cost to her. If you would like to pitch in to offset Pfahl’s legal fees, you can contribute to her defence here.

There is also a petition to stop critical race theory (CRT) at StopCRT.ca

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