PETITION: Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw should return her massive pandemic bonus

Health officials like Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw began spouting lines like “we are all in this together” early on during the Covid-19 pandemic, and true to form for a government bureaucracy she meant precisely the opposite of what she said.

We recently learned that while Albertans were losing their jobs, their family businesses, and even being arrested (including pastors and small business owners), and scraping by on $500 a week via CERB, Deena was cashing in massively, to the tune of nearly $600,000.00 a year, which is why we are launching to call on Deena Hinshaw to truly be in this together with the rest of us.

Deena Hinshaw earned $363,633.92 in salary and $227,911.35 in “cash benefits” last year, to put that into perspective, if you were scrapping by on CERB after being laid off, Deena was making over $11,000.00 dollars a week, or nearly 23 times what the government decided you needed to get by.

This is the most repugnant form of entitled bureaucrats cashing in while people suffer, and it reflects in a very fundamental way why the government and AHS are spending ceaselessly while closing emergency rooms and cutting services. Worse still, many UCP leadership hopefuls who are currently serving as MLAs, including Rajan Sawhney, claim they were unaware of the “cash benefits,” and former finance minister Travis Toews says he never approved the cash bonuses.

I have no doubts that Hinshaw worked some overtime, but she was derided by freedom advocates and lock-downers alike for being woefully unprepared for Covid-19, for lacking evidence and research to support her positions, and from… falsely blaming a childhood cancer death on Covid-19. Imagine doing a bad job and getting a quarter-million-dollar bonus… unthinkable for those of us in the real world.

That she should resign is self-evident, but it is not enough. She needs to pay it back, and pay it back now.

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