Police try and fail to ‘move on’ Rebel News Sydney on their FIRST day

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By Mario Malik

On 24 July, tens of thousands took to the streets of Sydney CBD to rally against the extended lockdowns.

The mainstream media did what they do best and immediately demonised anyone who was in attendance.

Less than a month later, Sydney siders planned to express their genuine concerns again.

However, unlike the first time, after being embarrassed on the world stage, the NSW government was unwilling to let it happen again, and they did everything within their power and beyond to stop dissent.

At the moment, NSW has some of the harshest lockdown laws in the world where everyone has to stay in their homes and can’t travel more than 5kms for essentials.

So, unless you are an Authorised Worker (which we are) and carry a work permit (which we had), you face a $5000 fine for leaving your home.

On the day, we weaved our way through road closures and police checkpoints, and police even stopped one of our camera team on his way into the city. He got through with no issues, but things got a little interesting when the police stopped our car.

Officers check our media permits, and all seemed to be going well. In fact, the Senior officer said he was a subscriber to Avi Yemini at Rebel News.

Another officer approached and began to ask a string of questions to see which one would stick.

Nothing did, and the senior officer returned to issue us with a ‘move-on order’ as we were more than 5km from our homes.

Since we all had our authorised work permits, we were exempt from being more than 5kms from our homes.

But he wouldn’t let it go and continued to issue his move-on order.

Based on that logic, anyone working that day, including the senior officer, should’ve taken the day off.

To be fair, he did say that it was someone else’s instruction, but clearly, I wasn’t intimidated by the “because I said so” move-on order.

You see, our legal team is on a retainer, which means they are always on standby, and I called him straight away.

Who would have guessed our first rodeo would begin in typical Rebel News style? But we were prepared for any situation. Of course, we continued into the city, and you’ll see that report in the coming days.

If you would like to help us continue this work in NSW, please click here or head over to SydneyReporters.com

Without you, we wouldn’t have the incredible lawyer on standby and the backing of the entire Rebel team to bring you the other side of the story from Sydney that the mainstream media refuse to.

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