Powerful Artificial Intelligence Examples along with their day-to-day Applications

Artificial Intelligence has grown at
an unimaginable rate with the advent of powerful technologies such as machine
learning and data science. With the quick adoption of AI, there have been a
considerable number of artificial intelligence examples,
along with real-world artificial intelligence applications.
However, there is still so much that remains unknown to the common man about
the importance and relevance of real-world artificial intelligence
. This article will closely examine an artificial
intelligence example, along with the most popular real-world artificial
intelligence applications

Most prominent Artificial
Intelligence examples

Artificial Intelligence has
seamlessly integrated itself into various business verticals by significantly
improving the functionality and overall speed of the way that things are done.
Let’s look into the most important artificial intelligence
 and understand how real-world artificial
intelligence applications
 came to exist. 

Social Networking/Social

#1 Facebook

Whenever photos are uploaded, the
robust algorithm can automatically highlight the people’s faces in the
photograph. After this step, the algorithm can automatically suggest the
correct friends’ tag in the picture. Facebook’s AI is one of the best artificial
intelligence examples 
that use artificial intelligence technology
to recognize faces. 

Facebook has revealed that it
utilizes the power of artificial neural networks and Machine learning
algorithms, which can mimic the structure of the human brain, especially for
powering facial recognition software. Facebook’s algorithm is a clear indicator
of an artificial intelligence example. It also has numerous real-world
artificial intelligence applications 
such as personalizing your
news-feed and viewing the most interesting posts. 

There are numerous real-world
artificial intelligence applications
 for businesses where
Facebook showcases ads relevant to the targeted audience’s interests.
Deeply-targeted advertisements are some of the most successful types of artificial
intelligence examples
 utilized in business that have helped
Facebook and Google secure 85% of the online ad market. 

DeepText is another initiative
launched by Facebook to understand textual content, with human-like accuracy
with more than 20 languages. DeepText can help you understand and automate spam
removal by identifying through millions of sales posts automatically and
extracting the most relevant information by identifying the content that your
audience might be most interested in.

#2 Pinterest

Pinterest is an incredibly popular
photo-sharing social network that utilizes powerful computer vision, with real-world
artificial intelligence applications,
 to understand how computers
are taught through machine learning to “visualize.” Pinterest’s AI
algorithm is the powerful artificial intelligence example that
can automatically identify objects, aka “pins” in the image, and then
recommend visually similar pins. Some other machine learning applications at
Pinterest also include spam prevention, search, discovery, email marketing,
performance, and monetization.

#3 Instagram

Instagram is currently the world’s
most popular social media and is more popularly known as millennials’ social
network. Initially, Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, when it began
using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the contextual
meaning behind an emoji correctly. Instagram is one of the best artificial
intelligence examples that can create and auto-suggest emoji and emoji

Instagram may seem trivial as part of
the real-world artificial intelligence applications.
However, due to the algorithm, they have seen a massive increase in emojis’
widespread use across all demographics. Instagram’s AI algorithm is one of the
best artificial intelligence examples. The technology
behind the algorithm can interpret and analyze the data and the metrics on a
much grander scale.

#4 Snapchat

Snapchat is another excellent real-world
artificial intelligence application 
and one of the most viral
forms of social networking. Snapchat was one of the best artificial
intelligence examples
 when it introduced its facial filters
called “Lenses” way back in 2015. The filters have helped to track
facial movements, allowing users to add more significant animated effects or
digital masks which adjust whenever the faces move. Lenses are a great example
of what artificial intelligence is and how machine learning and AI can help to
track the correct movements in the video.

What are some of the most
potent real-world artificial intelligence applications? 

Numerous real-world
artificial intelligence applications
 are great artificial
intelligence examples
. Facebook has been an early proponent of
integrating AI with Chatbots. By allowing developers to successfully create
bots that can easily integrate natural language processing into their software.

After a few months, Facebook also
opened up its messaging platform to developers by allowing anybody to build a
Chabot by integrating the bot training capability to create conversational
bots.Slack, the popular social messaging tool used for
work, allows third parties to incorporate AI-powered Chatbots by investing in
companies that make them.The most prominent and
influential real-world artificial intelligence applications are
in shopping, errands, and day-to-day tasks.

#1 Search: The search
engine is one of the most widely utilized services in the world. Artificial
Intelligence has seamlessly integrated itself into search engines to make
search engine result queries more relevant, accurate, and much faster. Thus, an
AI-incorporated search can do various things that were lacking before, such as
image-based search, and more accurate results!

#2 Recommendations: Recommendations are another excellent
example of real-world artificial intelligence applications,
where the recommendations provided to a user are much more accurate and
relevant than ever before. Recommendations are a classic case of artificial
intelligence examples
, which utilizes powerful AI algorithms and
technology to give accurate recommendations based on a user’s data. The data is
usually a collection of the user’s interests, likes and dislikes, age,
demographic, location, and much more. Based on the data provided to the AI
algorithm, Recommendations can uniquely cater to the different metrics
depending on various user-cases. 

#3 Greater Fraud Protections: Artificial intelligence is incredibly advanced in noticing and determining various patterns. One of the best real-world artificial intelligence applications is the detection and prevention of fraud. It is done because AI collects all the data of a particular user’s transactions, and based on the data, artificial intelligence identifies a set of patterns. Thus, artificial intelligence can help to prevent fraud protections on a much grander scale. 

In Conclusion

We have scratched the surface in
understanding the various artificial intelligence examples of
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in everyday life. We hope this
article was conclusive and in-depth in understanding what artificial
intelligence with an example is. There are hundreds of real-world
artificial intelligence applications
 currently. Artificial
Intelligence examples
 have affected daily life on a large scale
since its original conception. With artificial intelligence becoming integrated
within our lives, it is the infrastructure of the future that will power the
next industrial revolution.


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