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Data processing is indispensable everywhere and all the time in modern life. The daily services we use every day, such as face recognition, voice assistant, text recognition, automatic recommendation, automatic data analysis and so on, all have a large number of data processing requirements and service support.

In fact, data processing services are currently one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors in the ICT industry. In its first forecast of the “whole cloud” opportunity, International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that worldwide whole industry’s revenues will reach $554 billion in 2021, which represents more than double those of 2016. For the full 2018 year, AWS brought in $25.7 billion revenue to Amazon with a 47% jump on the 2017 year.

Huge Gap between the demand and the supply in near future
Exploding data and the demand for further processing brings severe challenges for the industry. Predicted by Cisco, that the “usable” data produced in 2021 (nearly 90% of the predicted data generated by 2021 will be ephemeral in nature and will be neither saved nor stored) is larger in size compared to the forecasted data center traffic generated per year by a factor of four. Meanwhile, there is a growing demand for computing power from industries and scientific communities to run large applications and process huge volumes of data.

A new form of decentralized cloud that can enable blockchain computing would be needed. We also need to rebuild the business model for lowing the cost of infrastructure usage and meet the enormously increasing demand of data processing. This gap could be filled with blockchain-based decentralized solutions.

Rethinking Decentralized Approaches
Many projects brings their decentralized solutions based on blockchain like iExec, Plan Flash, DADI and Difinity, etc.. Commonly they use a mix of peer-to-peer ad hoc networking, local cloud computing, grid computing, fog computing, distributed data storage and other more sophisticated solutions. However, these decentralized solutions still present many challenges:

1. Making the infrastructure scalable, considering the current scalability limitations of blockchain infrastructures.
2. Ensuring the right incentivization plan is in place for resource providers by guaranteeing fair income distribution.
3. Verifying the computation is done in a proper manner, to avoid potential malicious attacks. Some projects use reputational management techniques, though these techniques need to offer the right balance between weight of reputations and market entry cost.
4. Dealing with diversified hardware, like individual computers, pads, laptops or different servers in various maintenances, as well as the unknown environments that may affect the performance of these computing resources.
5. Dealing with unprecedented collaboration, coordination, and connectivity for each piece, like an individual computer, in the system, and throughout the system as a whole.
All these challenges above haven’t been completely conquered today. The services are not cheap in consider of their real performance. On the contrary, with a practical manner, Plan Flash brings a new combination of data processors and blockchain, to meet the real demand and requirements of data processing around the globe.

What’s Plan Flash?
PLAN FLASH is a powerful distributed global system for general-purpose and selected-purpose data computing and processing. It aims to create a global decentralized marketplace of data processing capability: highly accessible, fault tolerant, secure and cheaper than centralized competition.
Plan Flash also enable individual owners of computing resources to stable income from renting it out. To enable visionary small investors to rent processors and earn lucrative profits with great potential.
In long run Plan Flash is going to create a global blockchain-based distributed data-processing infrastructure for the world’s intelligent age. To support decentralized applications and various data processing procedures in the future.

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