Pre-School class told to draw their dream house they will never own

A class of pre-schoolers have finished their latest arts-and-crafts task of drawing their ‘dream house’ they will one day not be able to buy. According to the educator who set the task, it was a fun way for the students to begin their education path towards learning that for young people any house is considered a ‘dream house’ to own.

Parents of the children have posted on social media saying that seeing the kids’ art work has brought a tear to their eyes, reminding them of their childhood when they would dream about magical unrealistic futures for themselves like wanting to own a unicorn or a 2 bedroom house.

“She drew a house with 1 window and a door,” said one of the parents, “kids are so naïve. Where she is at now is such a special age, she is going to have to learn that by the time she grows up a house like that is gonna cost at least $10million. Plus, looks she drew a tree and some grass, like those will still exist in the climate apocalypse. It’s nice to know they still have hope for like another year or two.”

In response to these drawings, local real-estate investors have lobbied the government to force the children to hand over the plans so they can develop the properties and rent it out to them at a ridiculously high price when the children get old enough to hypothetically move out.






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