Ripple Joins Business Alliance Advocating ‘Safe and Accessible’ US Election

Blockchain payments startup Ripple has joined an alliance comprising of almost 1,000 major U.S. companies and CEOs calling for calm and fairness in Tuesday’s presidential election.

The Civic Alliance now has 993 member firms with an employee count totaling more than 5 million, according to the its website.

“We believe voting should be safe and accessible to everyone, everywhere. That’s why Ripple is 100% in #ForDemocracy with @CivicAlliance,” Ripple said in a tweet Tuesday.

The group is advocating for all U.S. citizens to have “a voice” in the country’s democratic processes. “Voting should be safe and accessible to all. Elections should be fair and transparent,” a statement on the website reads.

Some of the country’s largest companies are pledging to the cause, including Microsoft, Twitter, Deloitte, Facebook and PayPal among others. The group has committed to offer paid leave for their employees, allowing them time to go out and vote, as well as assist at polling stations on Nov. 3.

“As business leaders, we’re committed to strengthening our democracy by encouraging nonpartisan voter participation,” the alliance’s website reads.

While not referenced directly by the alliance, incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump has sought for months to undermine some elections processes such as mail-in voting, seen by his campaign as favoring the Democrats. On Monday, he heavily criticized a decision by the Supreme Court to allow Pennsylvania’s extended count of mail-in ballots postmarked by election day.

Some Trump supporters have also been taking to the streets in truck convoys and have reportedly disrupted voting in some areas.

Republicans have also raised concerns of left-wing violence if Joe Biden does not win. The National Guard is said to be on standby in case of unrest around the election.

“Growing civil unrest, and polarizing politics are challenging our democracy in new ways,” states the Civic Alliance.

The group’s CEOs statement calls for “safe access to the polls for all voters,” for election officials to be recognized as the “trusted source for certified results” and “patience” as all votes are counted.

Ripple joining the group is perhaps something of a surprise, after its CEO Brian Armstrong eschewed corporate activism in favor of a “mission focused” stance in a blog post in September.

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