Sara Carter: ‘I can’t tell you how many Americans are going to be left behind’ in Afghanistan

By Jenny Goldsberry

While Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured the nation over the weekend that the Taliban is committed to allowing safe travel outside Afghanistan, Sara Carter has the real story. She received video evidence of the Taliban violently threatening Americans attempting to leave the country. The American family in the video sent the clip directly to Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) who shared it with Carter. She shared the story with Steve Hilton from Fox News’ The Next Revolution on Sunday.

“They were trapped at Taliban checkpoint,” Carter said, describing the video. “They were trying to get through the checkpoint that this White House said people would be able to get through to get to the airport for evacuation.” Instead, “they had guns pointed at their faces, they were told that they were not allowed to pass through.”

“It’s horrific,” Carter went on. “I can’t tell you how many Americans are going to be left behind.” According to Carter, it will all be because of President Biden’s ineptitude.

Carter spoke to this reporter Monday, and the American family, which had two small children with them, has still not made it out of Kabul. Other Americans she, along with other civilians, government employees and a number of Congressional officials have been trying to get out of the country remain behind. Moreover, thousands of SIV approved and P2 visa applicants have also been abandoned and at the mercy of the Taliban.

This morning two top Afghan military commanders were hung in public from the top of a steeple, according to several U.S. government officials and military personnel that spoke to Carter. Carter received a picture of the incident but is not posting it due to the violent nature of the photo.

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“Many people are being left behind, we are abandoning our American and Afghanis who have worked for us, all this because of Joe Biden and the ineptitude of his administration,” Carter tweeted following the show.

Meanwhile, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) among others joined Garcia in the network of advocates fighting to get people out of the country. Carter is a part of it herself. The group has been knick named the “digital Dunkirk.” The Dunkirk reference is based on an operation during World War II, where a group of 800 vessels helped rescue 338,226 allies from the Germans.

As a result, she, along with many other civilians and government officials connected by their past experiences in Afghanistan, have been working to identify those most vulnerable to retribution from the Taliban. They are working together to not only identify those left behind, but they are also seeking options so those most vulnerable can find safe passage from the war-torn region.

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