Scientific Papers Exposing BS 19 Fraud 

Scientific Papers Exposing BS 19 Fraud

By National Times Australia

4. There is a rumor that healthy people die in ICU, not because of the virus but because doctors and nurses are using wrong methods (ex wrong medication, incorrect use of ventilators by forcing it down the throat etc) and either intentionally or unintentionally they seriously injure or kill people. If unintentionally then it seems that the instructions are given by an AI called “Epic”. Please see below-related links
How a largely untested AI crept into hundreds of hospitals ( (
Our First Hand ICU Story – What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital ( ( Whatever we are experiencing right now in our society seems like MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL – YouTube (

6. Lastly some thoughts about how the current mRNA jabs might work. I watched many “reliable” scientific videos from Universities etc ex How mRNA vaccines work – YouTube ( (Harvard) and How Do mRNA Vaccines Work? Here’s What You Should Know – YouTube ( (Hopkins University) and all of them use the same narrative:
(a). The jab is injected into the muscle and the mRNA nanoparticles enter our body
(b). There is no mention about the dosage/number of nanoparticles that they inject
(c). Then they enter the cell and go to its nucleus.
(d). Missing information as to which exact type of cells is entering. Is it targeted to the muscle cells? The white cells? The heart, skin, brain, liver, kidney? From my understanding, they can travel randomly wherever around our body and enter randomly any type of cells
(e). Once the mRNA is inside the cell nucleus, the cell produces the spike protein
(f). Once the protein is produced then obviously the protein will have 3 options i. stay inside the cell, ii. Move on the cell membrane, iii. Get out of the cell and float randomly around. The majority of websites say that the spike protein is placed on the cell membrane which actually makes sense.
(g). Then the narrative everywhere says that the killer lymphocyte cells recognise the foreign protein and give a signal to produce memory T-cells so that next time they will encounter the actual virus (from its protein) they will attack it immediately by producing antigens before infecting the cell (which is the actual mechanism that the vaccine we got at a younger age do and it works)
(h). However, EVERYWHERE I search it seems that intentionally is missing one very important step: What is happening to the cell that has the spike protein on its membrane. Common sense from the biology that we were taught at school says that “the killer cells will attack the healthy cells thinking that they are actually infected”. If this is correct then it means every time some gets a jab, there is an intense autoimmune response to these actually healthy cells which produce “fake signals” that are infected:
(I). If my thinking is correct then here comes the most frightening outcome:
(i). First jab in and teaches the immune system to recognise the protein by killing some randomly healthy cells only from the killer lymphocytes. Small damage to the body.
(ii). Second jab in and already the immune system is already somehow better trained and created some antigens. More healthy cells dying from and as a result, we have more damage to our body see some side effects (again randomly at various areas of the body. The damage is shown more clearly when happens to the brain and heart as these cells never regenerate.. Cardiac Repair and Regeneration Research Unit | Heart and Vascular Services at UCLA ( (,is%20replaced%20by%20scar%20tissue.&text=Our%20laboratory%20studies%20the%20interface,these%20cells%20regulates%20cardiac%20repair.) and Brain Basics: The Life and Death of a Neuron | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke ( (
(iii.) Booster jab come in and this is where both killer lymphocytes together with more antigens this time will cause the actual massacre at a grand scale all over the body. And this is where we might see some pretty serious numbers of deaths across the world
(j). If the above logic is correct, then during the first 2 jabs people across the world will gain trust that everything works well. As a result, the booster/s will come along and this is where we might see the global holocaust.

7. To support the above logic please see this video The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do – YouTube ( which actually explains that the main problem with Covid19 is our immune’s system overreaction to the infected and surrounding cells


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