Slovenia Has the Most BCH-Accepting Physical Locations Worldwide

Slovenia Has the Most BCH-Accepting Physical Locations Worldwide

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) merchant adoption continues to grow, but in certain regions worldwide like Australia, Japan, and New Hampshire, BCH acceptance is swelling. As each area pursues BCH adoption in a variety of unique ways, the Republic of Slovenia has seen massive retail approval as the payment processor Eligma has relentlessly spread crypto awareness throughout the country. On Thursday, Eligma announced the company’s Gocrypto service now serves 500 mostly physical merchant locations.

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While Digital Currency Acceptance in Slovenia Swells, Ljubljana Startup Eligma Reaches 500 Crypto Supporting Retailers Worldwide

The southern Central European country Slovenia currently has the most bitcoin cash acceptance worldwide. There are roughly 2 million residents living in Slovenia and digital currency acceptance in the country is thriving. Last year, cryptocurrency fans were introduced to “Bitcoin City,” a 475,000 square-meter shopping and financial center located in Ljubljana. The shopping complex implemented a significant amount of crypto adoption thanks to the payment service Eligma which facilitates seamless and secure crypto payments via its products Elly and Gocrypto.

Slovenia Has the Most BCH-Accepting Physical Locations Worldwide
There are 432 BCH supporting retailers in Slovenia according to Marco Coino.

Soon after, Eligma continued bolstering digital currency adoption throughout Slovenia and started getting lots of merchants onboarded in Croatia as well. In September, Eligma raised €4 million in funding from investors like the Pangea Blockchain Fund and A few weeks later, Eligma launched its payment infrastructure Gocrypto and on October 10 the startup revealed it now has 500 locations using the Gocrypto framework. The majority of the 500 Gocrypto merchants are located in Slovenia.

“After officially entering the market last September, our Gocrypto infrastructure has reached a fantastic milestone: 500 mostly physical Gocrypto locations in several countries,” Eligma explained on Thursday. “In this, Slovenia, our home base, has become the country with the highest number of physical locations accepting crypto in the world.”

Geo-location application Marco Coino, an app that locates bitcoin cash-accepting merchants, shows there’s 432 BCH supporting retailers in Slovenia. Didi Taihuttu, the Dutch native who sold everything to invest in cryptocurrencies, told the press two weeks ago that Ljubljana in Slovenia was a top destination for crypto users. Taihuttu explained during the interview that his family was able to pay for 80% of all their living essentials using digital currencies. Many observers believe it’s simply hard to ignore Slovenia’s crypto penetration.’s Executive Chairman Roger Ver has been sharing videos often of his experiences making bitcoin cash purchases in the Slovenian country. During one video, Ver detailed that Eligma disclosed with him that BCH was the number one crypto used followed by ETH, and then Eligma’s token ELI.

Eligma Begins to Make Headway in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Turkey

Eligma’s 500 merchant announcement highlights the presence Gocrypto has in Slovenia and Croatia but the startup says it is now entering a slew of other areas worldwide. The company noted the firm is making headway in Serbia and Turkey but also plans to expand into Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Ghana, Romania, and Venezuela. Further, Eligma is seeking out all types of businesses that are interested in accepting digital assets for goods and services. In April, the team managed to partner with the cab company Intaxi so people can purchase rides with cryptocurrencies. Other crypto-accepting retailers include the largest Slovenian grocery store Tuš market, Potokar, Aros Bar, Big Bang, Amanzi outboards, and the luxury Navis Design Hotel.

Slovenia Has the Most BCH-Accepting Physical Locations Worldwide
The shopping and financial center located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is home more crypto accepting merchants than anywhere in the world.

Crypto proponents visiting Slovenia can pay for goods using the Gocrypto app that’s available for Android and iOS devices or they can use’s noncustodial wallet as well. Eligma believes digital currencies can change the world and the work the team has done so far in Slovenia and Croatia further augments the company’s vision.

“Crypto has a great number of users worldwide, and Eligma is one of the few companies that enable crypto to be used simply and instantly in daily life,” the company’s announcement on Thursday concluded. ”With Gocrypto, we aim to create a world where instant crypto transactions can serve the benefit of all.”

What do you think about the massive amount of crypto acceptance in Slovenia? What do you think about Eligma gathering 500 Gocrypto locations worldwide? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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