South Australia forced to display ‘quarantine signs’ on their homes

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The South Australian state government has imposed Level 6 quarantine measures on citizens returning from Victoria.

Sunday saw the sudden closure of their border with Victoria to everyone except a limited number of essential travellers.

Those who managed to make it back into South Australia were issued with an official ‘quarantine sign’ upon arrival. It must be displayed at the front of their residence to alert others that they are under quarantine.

“They will be given a quarantine sign and be given a personal direction by an authorised officer to display that sign on the front of the premises they’re quarantining at for the 14-day period,” said South Australian Premier Steven Marshall


Police conduct regular compliance checks on those under home quarantine.

“It is also hoped that it [the new quarantine sign] will provide another layer of security because neighbours may alert authorities to anyone breaking the home isolation rules,” said a Nine News reporter.



Residents of South Australia caught in Victoria are now unable to return to their homes and will have to make arrangements to stay where they are.

Those fleeing domestic violence will be granted emergency entry under Level 5 restrictions, but the premier warned that exemptions would be rare.

“We have to put a much higher level of scrutiny on every single application made to make sure that they can quarantine very strictly away from other people otherwise we too could have the Delta variant – we don’t need that,” said Marshall.

Around the nation, families have been separated from their dying relatives – unable to say goodbye to loved ones in person. Many premiers refuse to grant exemptions on compassionate grounds, leaving the elderly to die alone.



All travellers who arrive in South Australia – regardless of where they originated – must complete a Cross Border Travel Registration, download the mySA GOV app, and check-in to Adelaide Airport immediately upon arrival.

Every person travelling is required to meet these conditions separately, including children.

Further restrictions vary depending on their departure state. Those travelling from the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Norfolk Island have no additional restrictions.

Queensland travellers have been placed on Level 3 restrictions which means that they must pass a Covid test on days 1, 5, and 13 after arrival and maintain their quarantine for at least 14 days with a negative Covid test.

Those from the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales are prohibited from entering the state entirely unless they are designated as an ‘essential traveller’. This mostly applies to Commonwealth MPs who are allowed to travel with Level 3 restrictions. Vital freight is also allowed – although drivers are subject to Level 4 quarantine restrictions.



Restrictions on entry could change at any moment, with the Commissioner of Police Grant Stevens warning that South Australia will adapt its Covid measures to match the risk.

“We are certainly nowhere near being out of the woods on Covid-19,” said Stevens. “The Delta strain is giving us concern that we are more likely than not to face seeding from those jurisdictions and we need to be prepared for that and take every opportunity to get on with our activities as much as we can, knowing that there’s a possibility that we might face further restrictions in the future.”

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