Intel finally kowtows to the CCP

Translated by: MOS Education team – Tony MG

Intel was founded in 1968 by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, and currently, it is still the largest semiconductor company in the world.

In 2020, Intel’s revenue was $77.9 billion USD, the highest in history, while its revenue from China (including Hong Kong) was nearly 129.09 billion RMB, which is about $20.257 billion USD (the exchange rate is calculated at 6.37 RMB: $1USD). About 26% of its revenue came from the Chinese market. The proportion doesn’t seem much even when including the Hong Kong market but just wait, there are still ways for the gang of “CCP-controlled media” to jack up the proportion later.

Intel’s official website issued a statement on December 21, 2021, that “any form of human trafficking or involuntary labor such as forced, debt bonded, prison, indentured, or slave laboring are prohibited throughout our extended supply chain. Therefore, Intel is required to ensure our supply chain does not use any labor or source of goods or services from the Xinjiang region.”

On December 22, 2021, Wang Junkai’s studio which has 10.57 million followers, issued a statement stating that “with immediate effect, Wang Junkai will terminate all partnerships with the Intel brand”. Wang Junkai’s personal social media Weibo account with 81.25 million followers once posted “I support Xinjiang’s cotton” on March 25, 2021.

Subsequently, the gang of “CCP-controlled media” began to denounce Intel for claiming that it “earned 582.2 billion RMB in China within three years, but being two-faced”. No matter how the CCP usually treats Intel like an old friend with a good relationship, it will punish at critical moments. The revenue from Taiwan and Communist China (including Hong Kong) are counted side by side in Intel’s financial report leading the CCP to accuse Intel of undermining the One-China principle. The CCP then combined Intel’s revenue of $11.605 billion USD from Taiwan into the total revenue from China.

After including Taiwan’s $11.605 billion USD, Intel’s revenue from China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) in 2020 now strike $31.862 billion USD. According to the CCP’s algorithm, from 2018 to 2020, Intel’s average revenue in China was about $30 billion USD, and about 40% or more of its total revenue respectively. The total revenue in the three years in China is $91.416 billion USD (about RMB 582.2 billion). Therefore, they concluded that “the Chinese market is Intel’s largest source of revenue.”

Due to this, Intel quickly released a statement on December 23, that “we are deeply sorry about Xinjiang; if you like genocide, you do massacre; if you want to go against humanity, you go against humanity; but our trade can’t be stopped. And I also have to follow the laws of the United States.” Intel deleted the previous inappropriate remarks immediately about Xinjiang. In the end, trade and money are the objectives and Intel still hoped to develop together with the CCP.

After the American giant Intel kowtow to the CCP, Republicans in the US Congress sent a letter to Intel on January 11, criticizing Intel’s cowardly behavior of succumbing to Beijing on deleting Xinjiang-related posts and proposing to exclude Intel from a government funding grant. When Intel was in the embarrassing situation of being attacked on both sides, the brainwashed gang scolded again that “the CCP wouldn’t use the shoddy chips if they can produce them and it wouldn’t solve with just a simple apology next time.”

Disappointedly, the American giant Intel KOWTOWS to the CCP regime under all the scolding from the gang of “CCP-controlled media” and the little pinks.

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