See Coinbase, Digital Money Platform Uphold Now Offers Full Functionality with XRP Ledger

Mobile payments startup Uphold has finally completed integrating the XRP ledger to its platform, which means that Uphold members now have full access to the XRP ledger including the ability to deposit and withdraw XRP to/from external addresses

Uphold is a digital money platform serving 184 countries across more than 30 currencies (both traditional and digital) and commodities with frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance for members around the world. Since its launch in 2015, Uphold has powered more than $3 billion in transactions.

Uphold combines a platform app model with payment connectivity to offer financial services to a global market. Uphold empowers innovation in financial services through a platform approach where app developers and fintech partners can leverage Uphold’s reach through licensed relationships with banks and financial services partners around the world. Built on a core of proprietary technologies and e-money apps, Uphold embraces a future where people and businesses around the world have access to safe, transparent, fair and affordable financial services.

Uphold is the only company to publish real-time reserve holdings, guaranteeing that its members are provided with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Uphold has global operations in Braga, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and San Francisco.

In March this year, Uphold started launching support for Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency. And finally, full support for the XRP Ledger has been announced. This is a huge milestone for the Uphold ecosystem, as XRP has become one of the fastest growing digital assets in 2018 and is now the third most valuable cryptocurrency with a market cap of $23 million.

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“We were the first to make XRP easily available in the U.S., expanding our offering to include full connectivity to the XRP ledger was the clear next step,” CRO of Uphold Robin O’Connell said.

According to the Uphold’s blog,  the company believes in the future of financial services and is working continuously to build a platform that supports that vision. Support of XRP is an example of how Uphold continues to expand and support the growing demand for digital currencies, including tokens, coins, and emerging assets.

“When we launched support of XRP, we did so in a two-phase launch, first phase support without connectivity to the external network. Which meant our members held XRP but were not able to deposit or withdrawal outside of Uphold. With the launch of phase-two, our members now have full access to the XRP ecosystem, including depositing and withdrawing into/out of their Uphold wallets,” Upload said.

Uphold is now able to issue actual XRP wallet addresses, which allows for more use among investors. In total, there are 9 different ways to access XRP on Uphold, including bank transfer, debit or credit cards.

Many Uphold users have already tried the new feature and shared their experience on Twitter.


Blockchain Startup Incubator Cryptfunder Announces Platform and Token Sale

Cryptfunder platform sets new standards for ICOs thoroughly selecting genuinely innovative projects from the zillions of others introduced to the market.

Until now, the prevalent method for blockchain startups to raise funding for their project has been through initial coin offerings (ICOs). Since 2017, that market has exploded in size, introducing new challenges for the industry and ICO participants.

Challenges in the Industry

It’s worth noting that the ICO era is still in its infantile stages, with governments and institutions around the world still wrestling with how to classify tokens, tax them and regulate the industry for consumer safety.

In some countries, this has resulted in stifling ICO and exchange bans. However, as mentioned before, the industry has made very new and decisive progress on the matter.

Regardless of the ongoing bureaucratic and political discourse, ICO ‘fever’ isn’t letting up, in fact, it’s growing at quite some pace. ICO funding in 2017 managed to make over $5 billion USD in total, and that figure has already been surpassed this year – by the end of March 2018, 200 hundred ICOs had managed to accumulate 6.3 Billion USD.

With regulations entering the space, the likelihood is that scam and fraudulent ICOs will thin out, and soon there will be a dizzying amount of legitimate and genuinely innovative ICOs on the market. In addition, too much choice could be a problem for investors and the startups attempting to raise funds for their projects, which could inadvertently cause a creative startup to go unnoticed.

Cryptfunder Improving Upon ICO Standards

As the industry evolves, it’s necessary for market practices to do so also, and some are attempting to shake-up traditional ICO participation conventions – some like Cryptfunder.

The Cryptfunder project is tackling the present practices by developing a platform that plays host to a carefully vetted ICOs selected by it expert analysts, who collectively possess broad and substantial industry experience.

Cryptfunder believes in the blockchain community, as well as aiding in the funding of ICOs that go above and beyond the established mold, show great promise, and have a demonstrably bountiful vision for their future. The analysts will be able to determine which ICOs are appropriate for the platform by examining the above factors and real-life/real-world applications of the respective projects, the utility of the technology proposed, and the team behind the startup.

The Cryptfunder platform will have three key ‘modules’ as part of its infrastructure and ecosystem, to provide the highest quality of ICOs, transparent ICO performance data and a carefully curated portfolio of 30 other cryptocurrencies to back the value of the platform’s native token CFND.

The CF30 list is the name of the portfolio, as mentioned above. Cryptfunder will acquire these tokens using roughly 10% of the funds raised from the Cryptfunder ICO crowdsale. The tokens listed are a combination of top-tier, mid-cap and higher risk tokens; listed tokens will show the most exceptional growth, stability and projected long-term gain potential.

The ICO starter module will provide ICOs and other exchanges with funding in exchange for discounted pre-ICO or other tokens. Offering the top picks, Cryptfunder will be building its platform to be one that outperforms the majority of modern fundraising conventions.

Finally, the Performance module offers a unique means for Cryptfunder to publicly display its CFND and CF30 portfolio capitalization, as well as individual token holding and net growth gains.

Cryptfunder Token Sale

The Cryptfunder ICO for the CFND token is begins today, May 25th, 2018, 9pm UTC and will run till July 8th, 2018, 9pm UTC, or till 20,000,000 CFND tokens have been sold. The initial value of CFND is 0.003 ETH per CFND.

Literally all the participants have the chance to benefit from bonuses depending on the date their investment is done. Early birds (contributions made before May 29th) will get the largest 15% bonus, while those, who decides to invest after June 9th will receive generous 2% – the bonus rate falls gradually each 4 days of the event. Investors with contributions made after June 14th buy CFND  at standard rate.