See Coinbase, Digital Money Platform Uphold Now Offers Full Functionality with XRP Ledger

Mobile payments startup Uphold has finally completed integrating the XRP ledger to its platform, which means that Uphold members now have full access to the XRP ledger including the ability to deposit and withdraw XRP to/from external addresses

Uphold is a digital money platform serving 184 countries across more than 30 currencies (both traditional and digital) and commodities with frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance for members around the world. Since its launch in 2015, Uphold has powered more than $3 billion in transactions.

Uphold combines a platform app model with payment connectivity to offer financial services to a global market. Uphold empowers innovation in financial services through a platform approach where app developers and fintech partners can leverage Uphold’s reach through licensed relationships with banks and financial services partners around the world. Built on a core of proprietary technologies and e-money apps, Uphold embraces a future where people and businesses around the world have access to safe, transparent, fair and affordable financial services.

Uphold is the only company to publish real-time reserve holdings, guaranteeing that its members are provided with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Uphold has global operations in Braga, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and San Francisco.

In March this year, Uphold started launching support for Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency. And finally, full support for the XRP Ledger has been announced. This is a huge milestone for the Uphold ecosystem, as XRP has become one of the fastest growing digital assets in 2018 and is now the third most valuable cryptocurrency with a market cap of $23 million.

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“We were the first to make XRP easily available in the U.S., expanding our offering to include full connectivity to the XRP ledger was the clear next step,” CRO of Uphold Robin O’Connell said.

According to the Uphold’s blog,  the company believes in the future of financial services and is working continuously to build a platform that supports that vision. Support of XRP is an example of how Uphold continues to expand and support the growing demand for digital currencies, including tokens, coins, and emerging assets.

“When we launched support of XRP, we did so in a two-phase launch, first phase support without connectivity to the external network. Which meant our members held XRP but were not able to deposit or withdrawal outside of Uphold. With the launch of phase-two, our members now have full access to the XRP ecosystem, including depositing and withdrawing into/out of their Uphold wallets,” Upload said.

Uphold is now able to issue actual XRP wallet addresses, which allows for more use among investors. In total, there are 9 different ways to access XRP on Uphold, including bank transfer, debit or credit cards.

Many Uphold users have already tried the new feature and shared their experience on Twitter.


Porn Star Stormy Daniels Adds VIT Token to Her Website

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more widely accepted. Now Stormy Daniels will reward users of her website with VIT tokens.

While blockchain and cryptocurrencies are conquering the world, being ingrained into all the spheres of our life, the pornographic industry does not want to be left out if these modern trends.

Some web sites for adults have already entered the world of cryptocurrencies, having started accepting them as payments. This time, the porn star Stormy Daniels has revealed her plans to start accepting crypto assets on her website.

The star of adult movies believes that cryptos will attract more consumers of her video content to her official website.

According to the recently made announcement, Stormy Daniels, who is known for the scandal with U.S. President Donald Trump that had its roots in 2006 and resulted in a legal battle much later, has entered into a partnership with Vice Industry Token (VIT).

VIT token that was developed for being used in the adult industry now is being added to the website of StormyDaniels. It will be utilized as an award for visitors for watching videos.

Visitors will have an opportunity to use their earned tokens for buying content on StormyDaniels dot com or for buying other services or premium subscriptions at external websites that also support VIT token.

Vice Industry Token Inc. team expressed their excitement about this new partnership. “Even Stormy Daniels understands the value of cryptocurrency,” emphasized Stuart Duncan, chief executive officer. “We are thrilled that she chose our blockchain technology to implement on her site.”

As it has become known Darkreach Communications, the company that is managing the site of Stormy Daniels and a number of other websites with content for adults, is going to add VIT tokens to more than 20 other sites.

The president of Darkreach Rob Murray commented their new initiative the following way:”With VIT, everyone is going to make money – from the users on my sites, to myself and the performers. The way the VIT blockchain works, we all get a piece of the token, and the guaranteed genuine data is the icing in the cake.”

But as we have already mentioned, StormyDaniels dot com is not the first website for adults that will be involved in the world of cryprocurrencies. The increasing popularity of cryptos in the adult industry is very clear due to the anonymity that they present and that is highly demanded in this sphere.

In April, it was announced that one of the most well-known website with content for adults Pornhub would add support for Verge and accept this crypto for payments. As it was said by the team they had taken the decision to add this option following the growing number of requests from their clients.

“We’re extremely excited to offer our fans the ability to use crypto and think Verge, with its focus on anonymity, is the best option – whether for privacy, convenience or both,” said Pornhub Vice President Corey Price.