How To Optimize Websites For Voice Search?

The usage of mobiles and smartphones is very rich in use. The search engines are pacing towards providing the most relevant and quick results for the users with the slightest effort. One such contribution by the search engines is voice-over search through which users can attain the expected results by just speaking over.

So, optimizing the content for voice-based search has turned into the need of any business to stay competitive and gain a better Google ranking. Let us explore more essential details about the voice search and how the usage of the keyword really can make a significant difference in influencing a website’s ranking. 

Website optimization for voice search 

Statistics reveal that 27% of online users use mobile voice search, and the predictions show that the number will double over the coming few years. 

The users seek a voice search due to ease of use, conversational nature, and the ability to derive quick results compared to traditional typing. 

Voice search basics 

Voice search is a voice-based technology using which a user can speak over the supporting devices to retrieve the intended results. Over the years, Google search has gained popularity. So, the need to incorporate voice search into the SEO strategy has turned necessary. Whether planning to build a new website or working on an existing one, optimizing them with the voice search is highly recommended. 

Voice search optimization 

The future of the E-commerce industry is secured and more appealing with voice search. Having said this, let us look at some of the advantages it carries:

Earn top ranking: Websites optimized for voice-based search can earn the rank among the top three positions of the search page. Naturally, there is an increase in the number of visitors. 

Gain revenue: Revenue is the result of sales conversion. Top ranking naturally leads to attracting more users. Consequently, more users show interest in your products. Thus, sales are increased.

Prove authoritative: Businesses attain the privilege of proving themselves authoritative by achieving the top position in the search results. 

Now, what is significant to attain voice search successfully. Coming to the implementation of voice search optimization, the content and keyword’s role remain prominent. 

The essentials of voice search SEO require the following :

1. Focus on question keywords: Come up with some effective keywords question phrases and their respective answers. 

2. Introduce Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords reflecting the user’s thought process can prove highly successful. 

3. Engage users with conversations: Website content having conversational talk can attract user attention. Also, the voice search is more conversational enabling websites to show up in the top search results. 

Local SEO: Usually, users wish to avail themselves of business services close by, and the prominent keyword used to serve the purpose is ‘near me’. So, content including ‘near me’ phrases enables business progress in the local market resulting in massive revenue generation. 

Device compatibility:

The world is currently experiencing the extensive usage of mobile devices. Those websites providing a unique and appealing experience across various devices are sought after by the users. Technically, we give the name as responsive website design.

More than 50% of the voice searches are from smartphones, and Google is considering the ranking of the websites based on accomplishing voice searches on mobile devices. The top 3 rankings are attained by the websites fulfilling responsive web pages. 

Enhance page load speed:

Not to forget, whether it is a regular search or a voice search SEO, the primary attribute for user attention is the page load speed. If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, then take it for granted that the user has reached the competitor’s website. Thus, the focus needs to be laid to improve the page performance. Otherwise, the competitors gain more chances to prove themselves.  


Website optimization for voice search can genuinely make a significant difference in your website’s ranking. Incorporating above stated guidelines can improve ranking. 

Moreover, using AI technologies satisfying SEO compliance and responsive web pages will be truly fetching. The AI intelligence of O-Create can suggest ways to meet SEO compliance and helps optimize the websites to fulfill voice search.