Ten Billion Coin Handshakes New Partner, Prepares for Triple-IEO Launch

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One of the prominent highlights of the fourth industrial revolution or the industry 4.0 era is most certainly the unveiling of emerging technologies such as the blockchain technology. No doubt, this technology has become a household name in the tech ecosystem such that many top companies around the world have experienced the transformative power of the distributed ledger system in ways that were until now elusive to system processes. And now, most legacy companies are in a race to bid for the utmost derivable benefits out of the technology. However, compatibility barriers and a lack of an efficient transitioning model have stalled the rabid on-ramp onto blockchain systems.

Blockchain as a Service (Baas) Company

One company, China-based TenBillion Coin, aims to stand as a liaison between legacy companies and the disruptive technology of distributed ledger in order to provide them with ease in transition from the old tiring processes into one with infused blockchain capabilities.

TenBillion presents itself in what seems as a blockchain as a service entity whose aspiration is to integrate blockchain technology into the workflow processes of Asian companies. And by this, these companies can be more transparent in their financial operations, more efficient in their supply chain processes, and handle other logistical operations with more finesse.

Partnership Trails

On its journey to achieving its ambitious goal of co-sponsoring the digital transformation of industries in China through the blockchain, TenBillion is seeking several partnerships and in less than two months, it has landed 3 Chinese giant companies – all of which are multi-billion RMB companies – to include Institute of Southeast Guizhou Province Hospital which happens to be a tumor immunotherapy research institute, XiaYi ShengTai YingRan Technology industria Park, and now, it signed a partnership deal with NanTong Wonder Petro-Chemical Engineering Company.

TenBillion’s most recent partner Wonder reportedly has trailblazing footprints in China and across the Asian continent, not leaving out Europe, Africa and many other regions, whose past dealings covered prominent oil and gas companies such as Shell, BP, DuPont, Dow, ExxonMobil, and SinoPec.

TenBillion seems closer to achieving its goals of being a beacon of business process transformation, as many companies are seeking to partner with the revolutionary work being done by them. One can attribute this healthy-hype pursuit in part to the curated successes of the team who have quite the elaborate experience in areas covering financial, economic, legal, and cutting edge technology.

TenBillion Triple-IEO Launch

On top of this development, the company has announced a triple-initial exchange offering (IEO), a new system of fundraising which stakes the reputation of crypto exchanges and engages their numerous client base to help startups raise funds for project development. On 28th August 2019 TenBillion Coin will leverage the client-base of crypto exchanges LA Token, P2PB2B, and Vietnam-based VinDax in a partnership that seeks to make 6 billion YBY tokens available to the masses.

According to the distribution process available on their press release, the company will allocate 4 billion YBY tokens to LA Token while P2PB2B and VinDax will offer 1 billion tokens each to their client base. Face value of the tokens will go for $0.005 per token, bringing expected funds to be raised to $30 million.

To learn more about the TenBillion Coin platform visit the website: https://tenbillion.network

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