The Shocking Truths About NHS Care

The Shocking Truths About NHS Care

By USA Tomorrow

Today on this special pre-recorded edition on The AJ Roberts Show we are joined by 3 guests.

All three have a distinctive connection.

They have been terribly affected by the hideous atrocities that have taken place in care homes and NHS facilities in the UK that their family members were residents of.

This episode is not for the faint hearted, but exposes what can only be described as serious crimes against humanity.

Never would I have thought that people in our country and establishments could carry out such horrendous treatment of our elderly and disabled but it’s happening and has happened on a grand scale.

This needs to stop – and stop NOW!!!

Here’s what others had to say:

Julie Carter
To the man whose parents were killed in this way, petitions are too soft, we need huge crowds outside (and inside!) Government buildings, stickers and leaflets printed up, cards put through doors, these powerful psychopaths need to be brought to justice!

Amanda Colette Merrill
Moving and disturbing podcast but essential to view and realise whats really going on…… thank you so much for these interviews

Well there is no other word but murderers.Jail would be too good for these people.You need to find and gather people like yourself and get as many people as you can(may be the protest movement)to back and support you outside parliament and take these murderers to court.
God give you strength to get justice.
Thank you all involved in this podcast.God Help And Bless Us All

Patch Adams
The lady with the just in case drugs story is the reason they don’t want family visiting in hospitals! It’s harder to kill people with witnesses. There are dozens of these stories, even Doctors are telling them!

Claire Warren
Horrific. I had read about it earlier in the week which was bad enough but to hear these first hand accounts makes it more real. I’m in New Zealand, my son is in UK and we would really like to live closer but my distrust of the NHS has been my biggest reason for not wanting to live there. This confirms my distrust. Who knows, it may come to NZ too in the future. The whole world seems to be on the same pathway which is dreadful to contemplate to say the least. The I hope that the pathway can be found to deal with this once and for all. Thank you for sharing this video discussion with the world.

Freedom Lover
Hospital administrators in the USA have been making medical decisions for years. Doctors are threatened and aren’t allowed to send patients out to university hospitals as they milk every penny out of Medicare in elderly patients. My late husband was a hospitalist and if he were alive he’d have so many stories to tell you. Hospitals are not nice places!

Carers Want Competence FB
It’s extremely disturbing. Our FB page have been trying to raise awareness of issues such as this and also the many cases of abuse and neglect – But who is actually interested unless it affects them or their own loved ones? The majority just don’t give a rats arse and far too many other gullible people with their heads in the sand.

Dj Missy
As an empath I felt a chill go up and down my spine, when a kid told me his dad said to him they are killing us in here (hospital). Then said after that he died. That was end of last year.
I believe the kid….very disturbing

Georgie Jones
I totally believe this, My mum had an awful time in hospital, they were not giving her her usual drugs and she went downhill over night. We managed to get her out after 2 weeks which was so difficult and she hasn’t been the same since. she went in for breaking her hip, fell over twice in the hospital as the nurses were ignoring the other patients, my mum tried to help the patients and fell over. There was no care on the ward. An Absolute disgrace.


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