The World’s “First Ultra-Secure Crypto Smartphone” Unveiled In Singapore


Sirin Labs, a crypto firm founded in Israel has announced the release of its ultra-secure crypto smartphone. The company, with this development, is touted to be recognized as the manufacturer of the world’s first crypto-centric smartphone.

Sirin Labs Unveils Finney

The crypto smartphone named Finney was launched in Singapore through local electronics retailer courts. With Finney, Sirin Labs aims to solve two main pain points standing in the way of mass crypto adoption: user experience and security.

Finney Designed With A Military-Grade Security System

For enhanced security, Finney, which costs S$1,899 has been integrated with an onboard “cold-storage” crypto wallet that keeps users’ cryptocurrencies “physically insulated” from the Central Processing Unit and linked to the internal system of circuits for power via an electromechanical switch that has to be activated when users need to use their crypto. The company believes that the level of security provided is military-grade.

Other Special Features

Physically Activated Safe Screen: Sirin Labs also demonstrated that Finney has been designed with a safe screen which needs to be physically activated before transactions can be made. The inbuilt crypto wallet allows for convenient transactions, along with an exchange service which can be used without the need of a third-party exchange body.


Physically activated safe screen

Custom Operating System: Sirin Labs has built-in a custom operating system, Sirin OS, for the smartphone. This Operating System is certified by Google and it enables Sirin Labs to implement a cold storage crypto wallet, together with cybersecurity inclusions, Token Conversion Service (TCS) and center app store.

Encrypted Transactional data: The Finney has a combination of hardware and software which work together with the safety screen and crypto wallet technologies in order to isolate sensitive data, altogether ensuring that transactional data are kept safe and untampered. Also, the safe screen and crypto wallet can only be connected to the power system upon physically activating the safe screen.

Calls And Text Messages Encryption By Koolspan: Another incredible innovation coming with the Finney is the koolspan’s TrustCall mobile application which can also be installed on both android and iOS devices. While this feature doesn’t necessarily add any extra security to the crypto wallet, it does ensure that phone calls and text messages by making use of FIPS 140-2 validated, end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption.

Calls and text messages secured by koolspan

Three-Factor Authentication 3-FA: The Finney comes with a three Factor Authentication of wallet security and cryptocurrency transfers. It includes a combination of behavioral, biometric and lock pattern.

With this new offering, Sirin Labs has become a pace-setter in the field of ultra-secure smartphone production after the ultra-secure US$16,000 Solarin smartphone that they launched back in 2017.


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