This is a restoration, not a revolution

Before the oppressive communist regime fell, the USSR was plagued by months of protests. Hundreds of thousands filled the cities of Soviet satellite nations. Their dictators fronted crowds, expecting to find the same praise and worship that decades of fear had accustomed them to. It was an exercise in delusion. Every civilisation has a tipping point where no amount of authoritarian power can overcome the masses. 

If history’s most ruthless governments could not survive citizen outrage, what makes the West’s leaders think they will? 

It has taken a while for Australians to stir from their comfy centuries of peace. Prodding the ant nest, as they say, required an unusually large amount of thumping. The French were born protesting, but Australians inherited political reserve from their English ancestry. That is not to say that we are politically peaceful. 

A Western leader who manages to upset their democracy makes a grave error. 

In the Westminster system, politicians are public servants. If they attempt to elevate themselves to ‘dictator’, it is likely the voting public will tear down the whole show if for no other reason than to punish them for such arrogance. 

Premiers abused political majority, so Australians will exile them into minority. Let them wade around in the muck while a conservative alliance of minor parties hold the balance of power. Take away the salaries of seat-warming MPs. Gut the major parties of politicians who do nothing of value for the people. Put an end to mediocrity. 

Camera-loving politicians seem desperate for attention during Covid, so it is time for Australia to scrutinise them. 

Do they serve us – or themselves? Have they spent decades padding out our political system with unnecessary laws to the point of suffocation? Where does all our money go, because it certainly isn’t into the hospital system… 

It is telling that on the day up to 100,000 residents flooded Sydney’s CBD to protest losing their jobs because of mandatory vaccination policies, the only Tweet put out by Premier Dominic Perrottet was about an airport project to ‘create jobs’. 

If Perrottet isn’t nervous, the Prime Minister certainly is. 

Scott Morrison has awoken from his tyranny-enabling slumber and decided he likes ‘freedom’ because it has marketing potential for the next election. He should ‘like’ freedom because he is the man responsible for protecting the human rights of Australians. Any leader prepared to sit back for months and let the people be abused has no genuine empathy. 

National Cabinet was an attempt by Scott Morrison to distance himself from blame while enjoying the perks of power. There is no reason to believe the Prime Minister is suddenly serious about freedom when his Federal government is providing states with the backbone of technology and information required for vaccine passports. 

“We are enabling citizens to consent to provide their immunisation record to a state for integration in the check-in app. How that is used and what is required for citizens is set by the state against health orders,” said the Senate Select Committee, insisting they weren’t using public money to create a vaccine passport system. 

Whether they admit to it or not, the Federal government is part of the problem. Scott Morrison is one of many Western leaders who took advice from international bureaucracies. The reason we have identical worldwide protests is because we have an unelected world government controlling domestic policy – not through force, but via the desperate need of weak leaders to pander to the international spotlight. It is a gender-inclusive dick-measuring contest where each prime minister, president, and king-in-waiting shows the United Nations how much power they have over their citizens. 

Look around the world. Dissent. Separatism. Furious citizens storming the streets. 

In a bold move (considering their awkward history) Austria announced house arrest for the unvaccinated – only for their police and army to turn on the government and declare that they would not enforce those orders. If only Victoria Police had shown the same courage instead of shooting Australians in the back with rubber bullets as they gathered at the Shrine of Remembrance. 

What we are seeing on our streets is a demand for restoration, not revolution. 

The citizens of the West want their countries back, and if their leaders refuse to give up power voluntarily – like the Communist leaders of old – the Globalists will be ousted from power by the fury of the mob. 

No regime can withstand a defiant population. In Victoria, Labor Premier Daniel Andrews may very well be able to buy off another unscrupulous MP to pass his pandemic legislation, but it won’t matter. He cannot be in every business, in every home, or in every street. The only thing Daniel Andrews will do is de-legitimise his government and reduce it to the status of a laughing stock. 

Australia isn’t quite Berlin circa 1960, but we have border walls to tear down, families to reunite, and liberties to return. 

These seemingly ‘all-powerful’ corporates and politicians sipping champagne at the World Economic Forum have been put on notice. Society at large is not going to accept a ‘new normal’. We won’t be subscribing to the globalist fantasy of digital surveillance, green fascism, a parallel carbon economy, or socialism by stealth. Build back better? Forget it. 

Our government will no longer be run by decree from a Swiss ski resort. 

If Australia wants to survive the next hundred years, it must restore itself to the free, fun, and open society that we were born into. Liberty is the only real safety a citizen has. 

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at Ko-Fi.


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