Thoughtful and inspiring ways to make employees feel good through awards and recognition

Incredible organizations realize that the employees are the
core of the business. Fulfilled and engaged employees would acquire positive
energy to the work environment and increment the organization’s profit and

Unconcerned employees could be a deterrent to the workplace
as they can empty the rest of their associates’ positive energy. Engaged
employees are an upgrade and enhancement to any organization.

Employees who feel they have an excellent personal rapport
with their management are more bound to be locked in and engaged. Not just
that, employees would feel acknowledged when they or their work gets noticed,
and this empowers productive and constructive employee commitment and

Here are the cost strategies that leadership success can
incorporate to empower and encourage employee rewards and recognition:

Request employees and
management to choose /vote for the Employee of the month

When the management conveys the ‘Employee of the Month’
award, they must be explicit the leadership success concerning why such
Employee deserved it and could be either written out or openly explained during
the monthly team meeting.

Like this, other employees would gain from it and work
harder the next month. The ‘triumphant’ Employee that the organization
perceives will be charmed and delighted that their work was noticed and

Reward the team or
department that shows incredible accomplishment

Besides recognizing and awarding ‘Employee of the Month’,
management could likewise remunerate the team that has achieved or functioned
admirably together. Rewards and recognitions could be as straightforward as lunch
with the management, shopping voucher or even film tickets to partake in
together after work and bond on an individual level out of the work

It encourages representatives to cooperate as a team and not
similarly as an individual frequently.

Starting an employee
gratefulness and appreciation program

Management could begin an appreciation program for the
Employee that shows positive characteristics in the work environment. Focuses
could be granted to the Employee for simple errands like helping their
colleagues to their punctuality or any other elements.

These points gathered toward the end of the week or month
could be reclaimed for small prizes like shopping vouchers or certain
advantages like leaving a half hour early one day. Rehearsing and practising
such an employee reward and recognition program can reinforce employee
commitment and engagement.

Perceive your
employees’ accomplishments

Employees will like and appreciate it when management
recognize their achievements. Like donating blood to the Red Cross to getting
the keys to their new house, getting seen out of the workplace causes the
Employee to feel increased in value.

Even though everything the management did was to recognize
these individual achievements, employees don’t feel that management just
concern was about work yet and the Employee’s activities out of work.

Communicating and
expressing interest in your employees’ professional development

Expressing interest in the employees’ professional
advancement doesn’t mean paying for their schooling or courses. It only implies
that management is keen on understanding their Employee’s objectives and
supporting them in attempting to accomplish them.

Looking out for courses and sending them messages and emails
about them, helping them achieve their goals quicker. Employees will like the
interest and direction of accomplishing their fantasies given by their

Call an employee to
your office to express gratitude toward them

Regularly when an employee gets sent to the management’s
office, they expect to be the most noticeably terrible. Calling them and having
a short brief visit with them and mentioning them what great employment they
have been doing would cause them to feel quiet and even motivate them to buckle

When saying a simple ‘Thank You’ is relatively hard, there
are times that attempt any one of these extraordinary approaches to communicate
thank you to your employees. They would be particularly satisfied to receive
honest appreciation and gratitude for a job done the right way.

Post and follow a
festival schedule in the work environment

Management ought to celebrate employees’ birthdays and their
employment anniversaries. It doesn’t host a surprise party with their family
included and lavished them with expensive gifts. It could be as essential as a
birthday cake with a shopping voucher or a birthday card with entertaining
notes composed on it by the rest of the employees.


There are many other inexpensive ways for management to show
the employees the recognition that they merited and deserved. Once in a while
by the end of the day, the two most underused words in any organization are the
exact words ‘Thank You”. Whichever strategy utilized or rehearsed, make
sure to make it a custom ritual and not merely a ‘once-off’.


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