Tony Blair: Taiwan is not the same as Hong Kong

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Here is the problem

No one quite knows what China really wants to achieve

Some people say they want to achieve supremacy

Some people say they simply want to develop

We cant be sure of that

And there is no doubt at all that in the last few years

China has moved to the reassertion of the communist party power inside China

And a much more externally aggressive assertive position

So How do we deal with this

When that obviously causes us anxiety

and we have to be prepared for that

At the same time we need to work with China on these other issues

So my view is that We need engagement and strength in equal qualities

In other words, you need to build your own strength

We’ve got be strong enough in the West

That’s why Euro-US relationship is also important

We have to be strong enough to do whatever is necessary

But we need to engage

We need to engage to understand,

 to be able to work with China

And  to ensure that the relationship is not subject to mistakes that are accidental

and rather than situations of confrontation which may be deliberate

Do you worry about something escalating with Taiwan that may be you know is not voluntary

Yeah, now I do

I think that’s a big anxiety,

and I think that’s important that we understand what China’s position is in relation to Taiwan

— How deep this One China Policy is

But they have to understand that Taiwan is not the same as Hong Kong

 And there are very strong views on this in the West

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