Top Seven Content Marketing Trends of 2020 you can’t Miss

the latter half of 2020, it’s evident that content
will become even more crucial, and content creation will change
radically. Consequently, the channels, tactics, and tools marketers employ to
create and distribute content will continue evolving. As such, marketers will need
to stay abreast of the latest content marketing trends that will dominate 2020.
Being aware of the latest content marketing trends make it possible for
marketers to remain prepared for the changes. Our marketing experts have consolidated
some content
marketing trends that will dominate 2020 and beyond in this article.

Result-Oriented Content

The fierce competition in the content marketing space necessitates marketers to identify new ways
to stand out from the crowd. But how can marketers do that? Well, the simple
answer is by identifying innovative ways to help their customers get faster
results. Rather than keeping track of a massive list of metrics, marketers can
choose their primary goal and other key metrics they want to track.

It’s not challenging to create results-focused
content. To do so, you’ll need to think from your readers’ perspective. By
understanding your customers’ needs and requirements, you can quickly determine
the filters you want your post to have and make changes whenever required.

#2: Video and live-stream to Grab Attention

content is one of the content marketing trends that will
dominate 2020 
as it keeps audiences engaged than other
content types. The same is the case with live streams. Recent studies reveal
that nearly 80% of customers prefer watching live videos. As a marketer, you
can consider posting your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Facebook,
Instagram, LinkedIn, and your website. You have several options in terms
of video structure, including webinars, Q&A sessions, product demos,
behind-the-scenes, and interviews with experts.

#3: Search Intent Drives Content Creation

navigational, investigational, and transactional are some of the types of web
searches used these days. A recent update in Google’s search algorithm has
brought search intent to the center stage of marketing. It means Google can now
detect the type of search a user performs online. So, you need to ensure that
your content caters to every kind of search query. Also, make sure that search
intent typically aligns with the buyer’s journey. All your content must include calls
to action that will nurture your audience to the next stage of their
with ease.

#4: Conversational marketing continues
to evolve

marketing is another significant content marketing trends that will
dominate 2020 
for various reasons. The main reason being,
conversational marketing enables marketers to engage with their customers in a
more “real” way. By doing so, marketers can learn more about their customers’
persona, specific needs, and intended goals. 

To keep pace
with these content marketing trends that will dominate 2020, invest
in automation tools and solutions. It is where the real power of chatbot comes
in. To outperform your competitors, keep track of how chatbot and
conversational AI technology continues to advance.

#5: Optimizing
content to voice search

Today, brands are becoming more focused on tailoring
content to voice searches as voice chat is rising. To keep pace with these content
marketing trends that will dominate 2020, 
content marketing professionals will need
to understand how consumers conduct voice searches. It is because the user’s
voice query would be more like ‘ what are the biggest content marketing
trends that will dominate 2020
?’, rather than ‘2020 content marketing trends’.

#6: Podcasts Plays a Pivotal Role

the past decade, a very small fraction of people used to listen to podcasts.
But it is not the same anymore. Podcast listeners are projected to increase
nearly triple through 2020. As such, this is one of the content
marketing trends that will dominate 2020. 
As such, content marketing
professionals must invest enough time in creating podcast content.

#7: Creating
Data-Driven Content 


solid content marketing strategy
intends to provide intentional and distinct value to a specific audience. But
how can brands do that? Well, this can happen through data. However, marketers
should not entirely focus on any data to drive their content-creation
initiatives. Focusing on the right data that matters to the bottom line is a
must. It’s high time to stop creating the content you believe your audience
wants you to produce!

Final Thought

trends mentioned in this writing piece are some of the biggest trends that will dominate 2020 and beyond.
However, all trends do not work equally well for all businesses. So, track all
the progress and compare campaigns to see what works for you. Besides, experiment
with multiple channels simultaneously.


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