Trudeau dodges important question about firing unvaccinated health care workers in BC

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With British Columbia currently experiencing a shortage of healthcare workers, does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau think that we can afford to lose a single healthcare professional before the upcoming cold and flu season — simply because they opt out of taking a COVID-19 vaccine that does not stop the virus from spreading?

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has delivered on her previous threat to unvaccinated healthcare workers, by declaring that long-term care and assisted living workers will have to be fully vaccinated by October 12. So I thought this would be a perfect question to ask the prime minister on behalf of the public, while he made an announcement open to media this past Tuesday at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

But the leader of our country seems more focused on leading the suppression of freedom of press, likely in the hopes of controlling the types of questions he gets asked to increase the likelihood of him ending up with a majority government.

Unlike the state media journalists from CBC and CTV, whose outlets depend on handouts from the liberal government, I was given the runaround and ultimately refused entry to cover the event without any reason.

Except I wasn’t the only journalist treated less than human by the Liberals’ media gatekeeper, Galen Richardson. Independent journalist Dan Dicks from Press for Truth was also denied entry to question Trudeau, likely because what we had in common was the plan to ask the PM a tough question.

Watch this report to see the moment I tried to ask Trudeau my question, as he scurried into the building for his event that falsely claimed to be open to the media. You will also hear from a handful of protesters who had some questions for Trudeau as well, including People’s Party of Canada candidate Kimberly Brundell, who is running in the Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam riding.

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