Two New Episodes of CHD’s ‘Community Corner’ Address Latest on Mandates and How to Fight Back

“Community Corner,” hosted weekly by Children’s Health Defense, features the latest news from health freedom activists around the world.

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The two most recent episodes of “Community Corner” focused on vaccine mandates and how medical freedom activists are fighting back.

The Aug. 7 episode, “Mandates: What’s Next?” began with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement requiring all New York City restaurants, gyms/fitness businesses and entertainment venues grant access only to those who can provide proof of COVID vaccination.

Under the mandate, which took effect Aug. 16, anyone 12 years or older must show proof of at least one vaccine. Businesses are expected to check customers’ vaccination status based on either a vaccine card issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Excelsior Pass. The episode also addressed New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s announcement that masks will be mandated for all New Jersey schools. Free NJ Kids has already filed a lawsuit challenging mask mandates for all students, staff, faculty and visitors.

While mask and vaccine mandates are mounting, so is opposition from activists fighting to maintain choice and medical freedom. Hundreds of participants took to the streets in Charlotte, North Carolina, to fight mandatory COVID vaccines at a local hospital.

Parents and activists are flooding their local board of education meetings to push back on mask mandates for this upcoming school year.

Watch the Aug. 7 episode of “Community Corner”:

In the Aug. 16 segment of “Community Corner” — “The People Rising” — the discussion centered around different actions parents, students and employees can take to push back against unlawful mandates or related discrimination and segregation.

The episode began with breaking news out of Tennessee. In response to the overwhelming pushback from parents, Gov. Bill  Lee signed an executive order giving parents the ability to opt out of school mask mandates. This encouraging news speaks to the power of parents speaking out and standing against mandates.

Featured guests included Pauline Fidalgo and Jennie Zethner, R.N. who discussed VexxitNY, a movement of parents on a mission to stand up to medical mandates and religious discrimination at school, work and in life.

Vexxit advocates for choice, through calls to action and support for legislation to restore religious exemptions and medical freedoms. The movement started in New York, but parents nationwide can join forces to maintain choice for their children.

Fidalgo and Zethner shared the why behind this movement and offered information and inspiration to parents who are fed up with mandates.

Later in the segment, Garret Ramirez, activist, avid researcher, member of the steering committee for Teachers for Choice and founder of Left Against Lockdowns, joined the show. He discussed an upcoming protest in New York City at City Hall on Aug. 24 at 4 p.m. This protest will be for any federal, state and city employees who are facing mandatory vaccinations in order to keep their jobs. All New York City union workers are encouraged to join. Teachers, nurses, healthcare workers, EMTs, EMS, NYPD, NYFD, sanitation, postal workers, federal workers and more are expected to be in attendance.

Tune in to “Community Corner” every Monday at 5 p.m. ET for the latest news and events related to unconstitutional mandates and to be empowered with the tools, resources and information to maintain your medical freedom.

Watch the Aug. 18 episode of “Community Corner”:


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