United Conservative Party recap: Jason Kenney speaks on campaign promises, division in the UCP

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Rebel News will be bringing you a full video recap of day two at the United Conservative Party Annual General Meeting (AGM) later today but we wanted to give you a chance to check in on some highlights of Jason Kenney’s keynote address for yourself.  

While the general sentiment among people we have been speaking with towards Kenney has ranged from he needs to go to we have to put up with him so that we don’t get stuck with Notley, Jason was greeted with a warm welcome by most when he made the way to his stage. Most rose to their feet to welcome him with a round of applause, but a noticeable number of folks in attendance did abstain from joining in on the frequent rounds of applause that broke out as he spoke.  

He didn’t necessarily win anyone over, but he also likely didn’t infuriate anyone more than they already are, while the UCP top brass might like to brand that as a win, I think Albertan’s deserve better than a draw of a speech, especially after everything they have endured over the last 20 months.  

Check out the video and let us know what you think and stay tuned for our full coverage of the day coming soon. If you want to help support us in bringing you the other side of the story, you can support our work by donating what you can to help us cover our costs.  

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