What are Essential Factors for Redesigning Websites?

Website metrics helps to analyze the quality usage of any website. Many factors are contributing to it. Trying to improve them helps to build enhanced website redesigning. Thus, it paves the way to increased traffic and lead generation.

Setting up goals help to incorporate the required features into the website that would attract and engage the user. Significant elements contributing to an effective website includes the look and feel, content, videos, interviews and user-friendly interfaces.

The foremost thing any user looks at any website is the look and feel. An attractive website is sure to lead the user to the details. Most importantly, the website content should sound readable with effective subject lines and language. Videos and images add an extra advantage to any website. At the same time, the GIFs’ are more likely to entice the users. User engagement counts to the website ranking.

Let us gain some knowledge on website metrics and their role in website redesign:

Develop SEO based content: Any particular user who tries to search a topic on the google search page intends to access the results quickly. At the same time quality of the content also matters. What if you have put the efforts to produce compelling content but lacked placing necessary keywords. As a next step, one can make it even more effective by inserting a compelling title, using side headings and the required keywords wherever necessary.

User engagement time: What could the reason for ineffective user’s engagement time? One reason could be the lack of attractiveness of the website or that the competitor’s website is more engaging. So, businesses require to think about solutions in both the ways, for which the website redesign holds prominence given improving page viewing count, time spent and diminish the bounce rate.

High speed: No doubt, speed serves as a significant website metric to consider the quality of any website. Any user would expect immediate responses for any actions performed on a website. So, designing a website that helps load pages quickly and enables a rich and easy user interface is predominant.

Lead Conversion: It is pleasing that the existing user continues using any website that they are familiar with. How about the newcomers? Daily, a website may encounter many visitors. However, what holds significance is how many of them are converted into leads. And, this depends on how well the website is redesigned. Effective videos, GIFs’, compelling images and content contribute to lead generation.

Web design tools

While choosing a web design tool, what factors need considering. Let us explore them.

  • Easy and effective template designing.
  • Enable Customization
  • Enables effective e-commerce activities
  • Allows using appropriate images and editing them
  • Enables social media connectivity
  • Allows blogging.
  • Create high responsive web pages
  • Support multilingual features
  • Supports Performance reports

Now, how about website design tools that enable website redesign. ONPASSIVE’s O-Create can help design a new website and redesign an existing one. AI-enabled features of the tool help to build websites effortlessly with SEO guidelines. Incorporating the best features of web design tools, O-Create helps to carry out brand promotion and business growth.


Thinking on how to gain user traffic for businesses, an appealing website stands as an immediate answer. What could best help to build such websites? It is, of course, the web design tools that aid the process. AI technology ensures outstanding results. ONPASSIVE’s O-Create is an AI-built tool to create websites with attractive and customized templates that ensure lead generation and increased sales. Moreover, the responsive web pages enable people to choose among the wide variety of tools in the market.


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