What’s the Video Conference Impact on Business?

Cloud-based conferencing developed as the most significant industry disruptor from the invention of HD quality video five year’s back. Video conferencing and communication solution distributors have either transitioned to the cloud or are new to the cloud they have ever known.

Killer steps to boost your team communication

Now, the cloud conferencing video is the most common thing that deployed in the workplace. It has the capability of delivering higher resolutions and more reliable connections like never before. So, what’s the video conference impact on Business? Here are as follows.

  1. Can do work anywhere:

Video has created a
massive global remote workplace like a home office, remote office, co-working
space, coffee shop, etc. It relies on the high-quality face to face
interactions where every team member interacts every day. The need for video
conferences has increased. Most of the 77% of employees conducted video calls
from their laptop or desktop, and 31% of employees are using their mobile
phones anywhere and everywhere.

  • Smaller Collaboration

Most of the companies
are having open office layouts that result in smaller huddle rooms for team
collaboration. Many people started partitioning large conference rooms into
smaller huddle rooms to better use office real estate.

Huddle rooms are
developed to replace 70% of all meeting rooms by 2022, identified by the
surveys made recently. 30% of people irrespective of age surveyed using
conference room equipment to conduct some meetings and know the need for
technology like 4K video conferencing systems and wireless meeting room content
sharing devices arises. In every meeting space, companies are incorporating
videos not only for the executive boardrooms.

  • Flexibility and Ease
    of Use:

The tools are deployed
with the feature like to compatible with one another and designed to fit within
the existing workflows. Identified that most of the companies using video
conferencing are more collaborative. And 51% of people value that the video is
equally or more critical than enterprise chat apps for their day-to-day work.

It is essential to be
confident in the tech we use that matters with end-user solution adoption and
overall satisfaction. Ensure that the required meeting guests download the apps
to connect on a call, which detracts from the meeting because of a poor
connection or unreliable audio or video quality.  

  • Rapid Change of Workforce:

Now, millennials are
representing the largest generation in the labor force. And almost most of the
people who have 18-29 and 30-44 age brackets use video conference at work,
giving priority to Skype.

Legacy web conference
is used by the 30-44, and 45-60 years older adults and Millennials are
spreading more across modern enterprise cloud video solutions. There is a high
value on video conferencing technology for the digital natives and those who
worked their entire careers on internet-connected laptops and mobile phones.
Businesses are looking for new ways to attract the best and prioritize video
first collaboration to fit the new digital workforce’s agile work style.

Impact of Video Conference in Future:

The best feature about the Life Size blend of smart conference room devices with cloud-based service and the ability to harness development from the hardware and software worlds without tying to a full infrastructure refresh.

Some of the technology and business trends defining the future of video in the workplace are here. The video evolution from business advantage to business necessity video conferencing will soon be a strategic advantage for many companies.

It is essential for
companies those who want to stay relevant. 59% of employees use video
conferences at their work, and 45% uses video calling daily or weekly. Compared
to two years ago, 50% of people cite has an increase in video usage at work,
where 27% reviewed that personal use has been decreased over the same period.

Video conferencing is created from a bonus feature for getting Business done with remote employees and affiliates. We have achieved the surface of what is possible in the near term, from the virtual home tours in real estate to automatic translation on multi-language calls.

The current video communication helps increase productivity, connect with distributed teams, cut travel expenses, and simplify ways for the employees to meet their customers.

All these are the video conference impacts on businesses that are taking place now and in the future.

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