Who Is Riccardo Bosi and What’s His Plan To Take Back Australia?

Who Is Riccardo Bosi and What’s His Plan To Take Back Australia?

By Daveoneegs1

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I love it when he tells it straight. GROW UP AUSTRALIA! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

Always good to listen to you Riccardo. How do we charge & arrest the Politicians that are complicit in TREASON ?

Thank you so much Riccardo and Dave . The more I listen to you talk Riccardo the more I value what you say. I just love Riccardo’s honesty and realness. I always wished politicians would be real and say it how it was.. you guys give me hope and truly at the moment I am and so many others, are hanging onto hope with a thin thread.
You have my vote.

A much watch for every Australian, thanks Dave & Riccardo, lets rise Aussies

Ricardo Bosi seems to be the only straight shooting person in Australia in a political sense..wish more people stopped supporting the criminal elements, Craig Kelly, Campbell Newman, Pauline Hanson and the parties they represent

Kelly Palmer and Hanson are the controlled opposition.

I’m excited to hear Riccardo’s speech at the rally in Sydney tomorrow!

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