Winning the Stages of Marketing

There are 6 primary stages that help in
converting leads to a customer. These stages, if handled well can enhance the
rate at which a business can get conversions. Every stage is crucial as they
define the effectiveness of the next stage and the final end result. How a
business works around these stages will define how the brand can capture the
market and establish themselves as the lead players in the niche.

The numerous times that a business gets to interact with its customer are the actual high-end opportunities that can help them create an impression. The various stages of the marketing funnel allow a business to take advantage of the various customer touchpoints to enhance every experience.

Let us explore the various stages of the
marketing funnel and see how it can be handled to maximize the end results.

Awareness: An important and defining stage in marketing, Awareness help
brands to reach out to the masses with the problem and the solution they offer.
Usually achieved through engaging advertisements, emails, social media posts,
content posts, webinars and direct connects with possible customer bases. This
is the first customer touch point that you have as a business and you need to
ensure that you are hitting the right note.

Interest: Once the awareness has been created, the next crucial stage is the
phase where people develop interest in what you offer or on your brand. This
here is a great opportunity to make a lasting impression and build a
relationship. Through targeted emails, content generation and direct
communications you can help to build the trust with the brand.

Consideration: Once the prospective customers have good faith in your brand and
you have piqued the interest in their minds it will take you to the next phase
of marketing which is Consideration. This is where people start contemplating
on exploring the products and services that you offer.

Evaluation: If a prospective customer is considering purchasing a product he
will start with the evaluation of the product and the brand. One of the most
common platforms for evaluation now is the online platform where a customer
would check on reviews, comments and videos to understand how other customers
of the product have found it and what their experiences were.

Social media presence is a must now for any
marketing need. It gives customers looking for social validation an easy access
to information and reviews. Hence it is highly important that a brand makes an
interactive social media platforms for people to interact and leave opinions.
Responding promptly often leaves a good impression on people giving them the
feel that their view is valued.

Intent: This is where you can see your prospective customer inching on to
the final stage of a purchase. The prospective customer now starts checking
into his options within what you have to offer. This is a very sensitive stage
too where you will have to ensure that you are meeting the customers’
expectations. He is already in your website and exploring what you have. This
is where you need to ease his search and help him reach his decision. Having an
interactive website can help in molding a prospective customer’s opinion. Many
websites have live chat windows which ensure that a customer gets what he is
looking for. A user friendly website with easy navigation helps in giving the
right experience.

Purchase: This is the most awaited stage for any brand. It is the end result
that you strive for when the prospective customer actually makes a purchase or
signs up. But again this is one of the most crucial customer touch point that
helps to define the success of a brand and its sustainability in the market.
Having a positive memorable experience can help in forming a very positive
outlook towards the brands ensuring brand loyalty.


Capturing a market is not that easy. You
need to identify your strengths and weaknesses effectively. This is what will
help you come up to the forefront and give the best experience you can to your
customers. Every interaction that you have with your customer is an opportunity
to build on your brand.  You need to make
the best out of these touch points to ensure that you will be always the point
of consideration and purchase for the products or services that you offer.


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