Yaniv attempting to sue Rebel News, seeking damages, costs, no more coverage

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Somewhere between churches being intentionally set on fire and an unnecessary federal election just two years after the last, it’s become hard to keep up with all the layers of crazy around in Canada.

Which brings me to today’s report.

A couple of weeks ago, we learned we are being sued by the serial litigator Jessica Simpson, formally known as Jonathan Yaniv.

In today’s video, I’ll walk you through some of this nonsense lawsuit. We’ve hired a sharp lawyer, Daniel H Coles from Owen Bird Law Corporation, to get started on this case, and he has already filed our legal response to the suit.

To say that the costs we’ve already incurred reporting on this person have been high would be an understatement. My colleagues have taken flights to update you on Yaniv’s lawsuits against hard-working beauticians, simply because they declined requests to wax Simpson’s male genitalia.

But it’s not just flights — we’ve had to hire bodyguards many times while reporting on Yaniv. Not only has Yaniv uttered verbal threats of bodily harm against our reporters, but my colleague David Menzies was attacked with a pink cane after questioning Yaniv about an alleged string of inappropriate explicit messages with minor girls.

My former colleague Keean Bexte also got punched in the head, for simply asking if Yaniv would be pleading guilty to an offence. And two bodyguards had to keep Yaniv’s mother away from Sheila Gunn Reid while she was covering a court appearance.

Yet somehow, Yaniv’s lawsuit paints Yaniv as the victim of Rebel News journalism. Let’s go through a bit of this laughable attempt to bully and silence us.

Yaniv is asking for general damages, punitive damages, aggravating damages and costs and for us to, according to section 3 of the relief sought, no longer publish any further content regarding Yaniv or Yaniv’s family on an indefinite basis.

This is a censorship and extortion lawsuit. And we are having none of it. We’re fighting back, and we’re not going to be bullied the way Yaniv bullied two handfuls worth of immigrant aesthetician women who wouldn’t wax her male genitals.

Our lawyers have meticulously addressed each and every one of Yaniv’s ridiculous attempts to send a legal chill across our reporting. They wrote, “Rebel News says the plaintiff has committed within action as a strategic lawsuit against public participation for the purpose of intimidating and silencing the defendant and to chill free speech.”

Unlike the mainstream media that chooses to continuously ignore most of Yaniv’s concerning acts, we have continued to follow this as a matter of public interest and public concern.

To catch up on those reports, especially since there is no way I could mention them all in one video, go to YanivTrial.com. While you’re there, you can donate to help us stop this nuisance attempt to silence and censor us.

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